Wearing tights adds glam to your outfit, the summer is often welcomed with small black dresses and the sundresses and putting on tights adds versatility and life to ones look. Many designers have now revolutionized the tight trends by coming up with classy looking tights of different colors, patterns and materials at a less expensive price.

Sweater tights are alternative to the traditional leggings and tights they are warm and comfortable to wear although just like the normal tights, they are made of spandex materials but only thicker. It comes with different designs and colors due to its thick material, sweater tights are best hand washed gently to prevent them from shrinking.

know what to wear with tights

Sweater tights are fashionable and provide warmth during the winter period when combined or paired with other winter clothes it can create a fun and classy look to ones wardrobe. Wondering what to wear with tights, first one needs to wear the right tights for the occasion as well as season.

Buy the suitable and desired color of tights and pattern which vary from which are the following options:

  • argyle patterns that gives one a preppy look

  • black to give a slimmer and classy look

  • brighter colors to look more fun

  • warm colors for a conservative look

Pairing Tights With Other Clothing and Accessories

The tights can be paired with a short skirt, dress or shorts with a knitted sweater that is heavy. These tights allow one to extend the trend of wearing shorts and short skirts to the colder season. One can accessorize tights by wearing boots, for a more classier look the choice of boots would range from full leg boots, ankle boots or shearling boots depending on one’s sense of fashion, they can also be worn with pumps or sandals. Rubber boots can be a nice match on rainy days. Different people go for different top to match with tights from the fitting short dresses to the loose fitting free dresses often preferred by pregnant women but one should ensure whatever their choice of top the need for the color s to match with each other is important. During cold season, tights can be worn under jeans instead of wearing thermal under garments.

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Wearing tights with shorts can be tricky and often people associate the look with collage students but is fashionable if worn right. One could try wearing a denim pair of shorts with a cuff at the bottom with black tights or colored tights for a fun look. This look however requires a more confident person because of its daring appearance. There are many options that will answer your needs on what to wear with tights. Hence, it will all be determined by preference and your budget as well as the confidence needed to carry such fashion statement.

Ultimately, you can seek professional help using tips and advices from renowned fashion experts online. You can simply see their latest collection of thighs and how they pair it with other clothing. Go with the styles and pairing they do and you will surely be fashionable. All of these can be found online so there’s no need to visit one personally or watch a runway show.