What is an isolator is an important question when it comes to electric devices. There are various types of isolators used in electric devices. Almost every device is equipped with isolators. Hence it is essential to know what is an isolator and its basic functions so that you can choose the best type based on your preferences and requirements. The three most important types of isolators are the cable isolator, ground loop isolator and the battery isolators. Here is some information about each to make your choice easier for you.

3 Most Common Types of Isolators

Best Ground Loop Isolator

  • Ground Loop Isolators: These are mainly used in order to separate the audio shield ground circuit and the DC circuit path. You may have heard buzzing and humming of the audio and this is usually caused in the absence of these isolators. When there is no isolator, the circuits can interfere with each other and cause these humming noises. A ground loop isolator should be installed as close as possible to the amplifier or the head unit. This is in order for the noise developed between the output and the input of the sound card and the sound system respectively can be eliminated.
  • Battery Isolators: Many people prefer listening to the stereo, using computers and watching TV in the car while the engine is not running. The result of such usage is a dead battery and a vehicle that refuses to start. This is where a battery isolator comes handy. It is essential because it doesn’t make you discharge the starting battery along with the other battery. While one battery gets completely discharged, the start battery remains charged and untouched. There are isolators that don’t need you to do anything. Such isolators are a little difficult to install but are more feasible.
  • Cable Isolators: Cable isolators are used to remove the dangerous effects that ground borne vibrations could have. They also take care of the static imbalance that is common on floors. Thus, there is basically no interference in the audio signals and you can listen and watch TV comfortably. Cable isolators also work to organize your cables in such a way that there is absolutely no interference between the audio interconnections and the power cords.

Ground Loop Isolators for Home Use

There are still many more isolators available but the aforementioned ones are the most commonly used ones. Now that you know what is an isolator and why it is so useful, you can make a choice easily. Based on information about what is an isolator, you can now choose the best isolator depending on your need.