The first question that strikes your mind when you hear the words booster seat must be what is a booster seat. A booster seat is nothing but a plastic or a foam cushion that raises the child in your car. It is firm and is a measure of safety while travelling with your child. However, you have to be very careful about a booster seat. You should look to buy a booster seat only for babies who weigh about 40 pounds and are at least 4 years old. Now that you know what is a booster seat, you must be wondering which one you should buy. There are of course different models and choosing the best can be a problem.

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Essentials About Booster Seats

Here are a few essential information about what is a booster seat and understand what you should be looking for when buying one.

  • First of all, remember not to rush for it. Don’t run to the store looking for a booster seat as soon as your baby turns 4. If he weighs less than 40 pounds, use his child-restraint seat until he hits the weight. Since a child grows fast, the size and capacity of the booster seat should be well thought of before purchase.
  • There are two kinds of booster seats; the backless kind and the high-back booster seat. High back boosters are a better idea because they have a shoulder-belt routing guide that makes it easier to position the belt. Backless counterparts are inexpensive but if you are choosing these, you should remember to pick one that has a clip so that the shoulder belt stays put. There are also a third type of seats which are a combination of child-restraint and booster seats. They can be converted from restraint to booster but they are not as safe and functional as the others.
  • When you are making the purchase, make sure you focus on the fit. It is important that you test it. You could choose to go to store that will let you do a test before purchasing. Check that the lap belt does not fall on the abdomen. It is supposed to run over the upper thigh. The shoulder belt should be on the shoulder; not near the neck and not falling off the shoulder either.
  • Always choose quality over the price but remember that note every pricey model is trustworthy. Check the ones that are functional and good such as the Graco turbobooster to get your money’s worth.

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Booster seats are important for your kids’ safety because they protect them during a crash or an accident. Make sure you buy the best one to ensure your child’s safety.