If you’re looking to buy your next home theater system, you may be asking yourself, “What consists a complete home theater system?” As technology changes and advances, so does what consists a complete home theater system. In the end, your home theater system will contain whatever you need to enjoy the entertainment you love, from music to movies.

What Are The Parts Of A Home Theater System?

  • Audio & video receiver

  • Surround sound speakers

  • Sub woofer

  • Video monitor

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  • DVD player

  • Radio

  • CD player

  • Surge protector

What Do The Parts Of A Home Theater System Do?

The audio and video receiver decodes any audio and video that goes through the home theater system. This is what you hear and see on your TV screen or through your speakers. The receiver transports sound to the speakers and the sub woofer, allowing you to listen to surround sound audio effects. The better the home theater system package you purchase, the more speakers you’ll get. The surge protector ensures that your equipment is safe in the event of a power outage.

Some home theater systems come with the option for whole house audio as well. This means that you can blare audio throughout every room in your house and outside as well. For example, play the radio or your favorite CD from your home theater system and have it heard by guests when you’re barbecuing outside on your patio. Everything is controlled from one location in your house.

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What Options Do I Have For A Video Monitor?

There are several types of video monitors. You can opt for an LCD TV or a plasma TV; a projector; or a basic tube TV. For the highest quality picture, opt for a high definition (HD) LCD or plasma TV. Since these types of TVs are so common in homes today, their prices aren’t nearly as high as they were when they first hit stores. You can find HD plasma and LCD televisions in screen sizes up to 70 inches. Televisions with higher numbers, for example, 1080 versus 720, have better picture quality. If you need a larger screen, opt for a projector and screen, which can go up to 300 inches.

There are so many types of home theater systems on the market. Most companies offer several different packages, ranging from the most basic to advanced. You can also get wireless speakers home theater systems.