Are you a huge fan of boxing and looking for a just perfect boxing gear for you or your loved ones? If your answer is yes, then this article is especially meant for you. Boxing is one of the most popular sports of the world. If you are willing to learn boxing in order to stay fit and healthy or as a professional, then it is pretty essential for you to have right boxing gear.

This combat sport is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise. It includes boxing gloves, boxing hand wraps, boxing shoes, skipping ropes, speed bags, heavy bags, among others. Good boxing equipment can help you gain experience and fitness by minimizing the chances of injury. Both amateurs and professionals use boxing equipment according to their own needs and requirements.

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Boxing gear for Amateurs and Professionals

As an amateur boxer you will need following boxing gear to play this wonderful sport;

  • Boxing Gloves – Perhaps the most important equipment for a boxer either amateur or professional is boxing gloves. These gloves prevent injury to you and your opponent during the bout. They are available in different sizes and weights. If you are taking boxing classes, then you can also use plastic boxing gloves. But normally leather gloves are widely preferred and used throughout the world. As an amateur boxer the ideal weight for boxing gloves for you must be around 14 to 16 oz. You can buy gloves with Velcro or laces, but Velcro gloves are far much better than the gloves with laces. The weight of the gloves of a boxing pro can be up to 20 oz or so.
  • Boxing hand wraps – After gloves, hand wraps are the most important equipment for an amateur or professional boxer. These boxing hand wraps provides your knuckles, fingers and fists protection from any injury during fight or training. Your boxing trainer at class can really help you wrap around these hand wraps, but it is generally a good idea for you to learn this technique of wrapping on your own.
  • Speed bags – These bags are small in size and filled with air. These bags help you as a boxer to learn hand and eye coordination with your opponent. You can also learn how to shift your body weight during the bout with the aid of these bags. As an amateur or beginner you can easily workout with these small bags instead of larger bags.
  • Heavy bags – Heavy bags are also known as tower bags. These bags are mounted on a weighted pedestal. These bags help you learn uppercut punches. As a beginner boxer it is highly recommended for you to use hand gloves, hand wraps, training gloves, etc. while punching to heavy bags. These safety measures will help you eliminate of any bone fractures, sprain, bone plate injury, etc. during practice. Heavy bags are usually used by the professional boxers. These bags can help you develop strength and endurance as well.
  • Boxing shoes – Shoes are equally important for you so try to select those boxing shoes that are not only comfortable, but also non-slippery. For good foot work it is very necessary for you to have a perfect and lightweight pair of boxing shoes.

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Additional Boxing Equipment

It includes notebook to keep the record of your entire work out details, mouthpiece for protecting your mouth from injuries, groin gear, jumping rope to help you gain agility, etc.

In conclusion, it can be said that a right and perfect boxing gear can help you learn different techniques of boxing in an effective and safe manner.