There are many different denim brands in the market today for obvious reasons. Denims are very popular and are likeable because they are not only extremely chic but also very comfortable. You can wear them casually or at a party and steal the limelight. There are so many brands today that it is sometimes hard to choose the right pair for you since all of them offer the same. There are so many brands but the top denim brands are only a handful. It is important for you to be aware of these top denim brands so that you know which ones to look for when you shop. Here is a list of some of the best:

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  • Levi’s: This brand was founded more than a century ago in 1896. Levi’s started the blue jeans trend and also the stone washed denims which are a rage even today. They are hard to let go and today they adorn the wardrobe of just about everyone. Levi’s is synonymous with fashion and style. Alongside, the jeans have proven to be timeless classics. Thus if you are into fashion, this is the brand you should look for. There are jeans that will fit you perfectly and accentuate your body shape. This name will always be part of the top denim brands for many years to come.
  • Diesel: Diesel is a brand known for its rugged and bold look. The sexy ruggedness is barely matched by any other brand around the globe. The brand is very popular all over the world with about 5000 retail outlets.
  • Armani Exchange:  Also known as A|X, the denims from this brand are inspired from the street and dance music. The attitude they carry is daring as well as sensual at the same time. The sex appeal is hard to beat and the range offered by the brand is never ending.
  • Lee: Lee is probably one of the most popular of the top denim brands. They are affordable, stylish and extremely comfortable and that is why Lee denims are such a popular choice. The zipper fly that is so loved today was introduced by Lee. There are numerous styles and fashions to pick from and you will definitely find something that will suit your style and fit you perfectly.
  • Calvin Klein: This brand is synonymous to sophistication. The denims are trendy and extremely chic. However, they are subtle and not out there. It was established in the 60s and it has taken everyone by storm since. You can choose from faded style, mineral, burnished, cobalt, flannel lined pants and so many other options that you will indulge in the fashion madness even before you realize.

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Now that you know of the top denim brands, it is time you made your pick and purchased the best. It is better to narrow down your choices knowing that these denim brands are preferred by most people.