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Wedge Bootie: Fabulous Ways to Wear Them | Content Injection

Majority of women will agree that the wedge bootie provides a certain level of beauty, style and comfort. Something seems so special in wedge boots that they seem to have an alluring quality that is not shared by most other shoe styles. They have high heels like stilettos but they provide the same comfort provided by pumps. They are very versatile as well. You can pair them with something formal and sophisticated such as a wedding dress and then transition easily into something like a business attire. There are also many designs available like the lace up wedge bootie and the leopard wedge bootie, making it possible to wear one anywhere with any outfit and on any occasion.

Stylish Leopard Wedge Bootie

What is a Wedge Bootie?

Most shoes have heels that sit right under the heel. The wedge heel is different since it goes under your foot from the back or heel to the front or middle of the shoe. The heel has a wedge shape, which you have probably guessed by now, although not all wedge booties have high heels. They range from high to low, the length and shape of the heel classifying the footwear as a wedge shoe.

Stunning Style Lace Up Wedge Bootie

What Makes the Wedge Bootie So Special

Now you may be asking what wedge booties can do for you. For a start, and possibly the most important thing, these booties are very comfortable while enhancing your general appearance by increasing the length of your legs at the same time.

Most women know how to look fabulous in a skirt but in case you missed fashion 101, you need to satisfy one of two criteria to look fabulous in a skirt. First you need to have long legs naturally and second, you need to have the illusion of having long legs. However, since not all women are blessed with long legs, the next best option is to add an illusion of long legs by wearing wedge booties.

Here are the unique features of the wedge bootie:

  • Wedge booties add height but you can walk in them easier than stilettos
  • Eye catching, sophisticated and endowed with very cosmopolitan look
  • Great with almost all lengths of dress or skirt
  • Wedge booties are fashionable option by nature. By wearing one, you increase your fashion quotient.
  • A wedge bootie will increase the shape and definition of heavy ankles, actually making them look thinner.

Simply Elegant Wedge Bootie

Most women achieve the perfect look by pairing the wedge bootie with a mini skirt. However, do not make the mistake of thinking that wedge boots work only with skimpy skirts. A wedge bootie will look hot with shorts, flowing skirts, bohemian styles, short skirts, wrap dresses, gauchos, flared or wide pants or jeans as well as thin and gauzy fabrics. Avoid wearing them with capris, straight or narrow legged pants and pencil skirts. They can make even dressy attire more fantastic.

Classic Black Wedge Bootie

There is a wedge bootie for every woman out there that can make you look so playful and sexy. For a classier look, you can wear a black wedge bootie.