Wedding tuxedos are tremendously valuable since the groom should walk down the aisle together with his bride with matching glory. Mens wedding tuxedos are, therefore, delicate and should speak of style and elegance.

The Types of Tuxedos

One should first get some background information before making a purchase. There are several body and tuxedo types for men. Each body type is suitable for a certain tuxedo. Below are the wedding tuxedo types.

  • Single Breasted – Single breasted tuxedos are both used for formal and semi-formal occasions and they have wrap or peak lapels.
  • Double Breasted – These tuxedos are meant for formal occasions. They have full tails.
  • Cutaway Coat – This is a tuxedo coat that is long and grey. It is used during morning hours for formal occasions. You should have your cutaway coat well designed to suit your body structure.
  • Dinner jacket tuxedo – Dinner jacket tuxedos are best suited during evening events. Some of their features include a white coat or jacket of regular length.
  • Stroller tuxedo – Tuxedos like this are also long jacket wedding tuxedos, which are worn during the wedding day and any other daytime events.
  • Regular jacket tuxedo – These are tuxedos with regular features and are worn during daytime and evening wedding events.
  • Director’s suit – This is among the best wedding tuxedos. It is formal, black and best suitable during the daytime.
  • Shawl-collar tuxedo – Shawl collar tuxedo is meant for tall and husky male figures. This is a tuxedo type created based on one’s body type.
  • Spread collar – This tuxedo type is meant for short and stocky male figures. They are convenient and comfortable.

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Men’s Body Types

Different body types command different tuxedos in measurement and features. Below are the descriptions and recommendations for each as well as tips for fitting and measuring.

  • Short and Slender – The single breasted wedding tuxedos will fit well for this body type. However, exceptional care should be taken while choosing pants so that not to spoil the whole look.
  • Short with masculine/athletic features – This body type is appropriate for wedding tuxedos with leaner collars. The trousers should go all the way to the feet.
  • Tall and husky – Tall and husky people are more apt with shawl collar suits.
  • Tall and slim – Slim and tall people will look good in all the tuxedo types. Men having this body type have an edge compared to others since they can dress in any tuxedos mentioned above.

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You can buy cheap wedding tuxedos as long as they are appropriate for your body type. There are clothing options and accessories too which you should consider when purchasing your tuxedo like tuxedo vests. You may also choose between classic or camo wedding tuxedos. Having knowledge about your body type and what tuxedo will fit well, you will now learn how to look great in special occasions such as weddings.