For many people, masquerade ball is a major event of bringing out beauty, class and creativity. It is an illusion adventure to others who either wear or view others who have worn masks. There are different varieties of masquerade masks that men and women wear during this event.

Various Types of Masquerade Masks

  • There are masquerade ball masks with sticks. These sticks hold the masks on the face instead of wearing them. They have a feather on their right side and are available in different colors.

  • There are couples masquerade masks. These come in pairs of similar masks. However, there are differences in their look. The feminine one is slightly smaller and with a feather on its right side. It is also slightly smaller than the masculine ones.

attending masquerade ball

  • There are male masquerade masks made of different materials. It is normally decorated with different beads around it. It is normal to have the female masks decorated with feathers of different colors and ribbons that make the masquerade ball attractive for female buyers.

  • There are masks for masquerade ball made in baroque style. This is burnished with gold leaf or silver. There are some that are mixed with different colored leaves. They are also covered with colorful beads and pearls. They have a filigree metal around it.

best masquerade ball masks

For every masquerade ball, there has to be masquerade ball attire. There are many ball dresses to match with the mask and the event in question. One may get prom dresses or gowns that are blue in color to blend with the mask. This can also be matched with the masks with feathers on them, for wedding dresses, or the bride prom dresses, one is not restricted to the white colors. Evening gowns are also good. This could either be with sleeves or not.

Another masquerade ball attire is the Cinderella style dresses like the Quinceañera prom dress. Embroidered dresses for evening parties work well with masks with embroidery or any beadwork. You can also have dresses made from organza material. Other dresses like the titanic dresses, the princess bride renaissance trophy gown, the NWT masquerade and the French gowns are good to go with. Not much is said about the shoes since most of the dresses are very long and do not expose the shoes. However one should match them with good shoes.

To look good and fresh during a masquerade ball, make sure to take care of your skin by using a Boscia black mask. Enjoy the party!