Naturally, you would want to know the different ways to prolong your air conditioner’s life span, because air conditioners are one of the major and expensive electrical appliances installed in any home. There are basically two types of air conditioners available, the split and window types. Both types of air conditioners need to be well maintained in order to increase their efficiency and life span.

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How To Prolong The Life Span Of Your Air Conditioner

1.)  Get an air conditioner according to your room size.

In order to get the best results from you air conditioner and increase the life span of these important and expensive electrical appliances, you need to choose it carefully. The size of the room is always vital while choosing your air conditioner. If you buy an undersized unit, it will need to work more, which results in the increase of electricity bill, and decrease the life span of the air conditioning unit.

2.)  Install a thermostat in your room.

Install thermostat in the rooms. Thermostat is always helpful in controlling your electricity consumption by using only as much air conditioner as it is needed to remain comfortable, and it is one of the most effective ways to prolong your air conditioner’s life span.

3.)  Check the ducts.

Check for leaky ducts. These ducts make your air conditioner work hard. You need to seal all the leakages before start using your air conditioner unit.

4.)  Install and maintain air filters.

One of the most common, yet effective ways to prolong your air conditioner’s life span is to keep your air filters neat and clean. It depends on the usage of your unit but at least checks and cleans these filters once in a month, and if needed replace those filters. Keep in mind that if the filters are dirty, your unit has to work hard and resultantly life span of your unit decreases.

5.)  Remove the air conditioner in winter.

If you have a window type air conditioner, you need to remove it in winter months, and store it safely in an indoor place. This is necessary to increase the life span of your air conditioner as harsh weather can damage important parts of your unit.

6.)  Have proper home insulation.

Insulation of your home is very important to get maximum performance from your air conditioner. Installing windows with double pane, and keep dark curtains and blinds drawn in daytime are few common ways to prolong your air conditioner’s life span. Therefore, it becomes unavoidable to invest in insulation of your house.

7.)  Install ceiling or wall fans.

In order to increase the efficiency and life span of your air conditioner unit, it is important that you should install ceiling fans. This will decrease the use of air conditioners and resultantly the life span of these expensive appliances increase manifold.

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The above mentioned ways to prolong your air conditioner’s life span were not only effective but as well as cost effective. Not only do air conditioning manufacturers and providers like Amana air conditioning recommend these, but also homeowners who have tried them as well. Knowing these tips on how to use their air conditioner units effectively will help you get maximum output from these units by using minimum electricity.