A well lit room is feels warm and welcoming. Light takes away the gloom in a room and replaces it with a feeling of calmness and comfort for occupants and visitors alike. However, when the room becomes overly bright, you need to employ some ways to prevent light penetration into the room. This article will provide you with several ways to prevent light penetration.

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In order to know the various ways to prevent light penetration, it is important to know the causes of light penetration. They include:

  • Using short curtains This means that the curtain does not cover the whole length of the window or door and will leave space through which light can come in through.
  • Torn or old curtains Curtains lighten in terms of thickness over time due to washing now and then. This may cause the curtain to start allowing light to go through. Also, when your curtains are torn, light easily enters.
  • Improper fitting – If your doors hinges are too big such that they leave space between the door and the frame, some light will penetrate into the room. Also, if your window does not shut completely, light will come in through the open space.

Ways to Prevent Light Penetration

In most cases, light penetrates into the room through the windows and doors but this should be easy to curb by doing a few things. For the windows, you can use:

  • Blackout curtains – These are thick woolen curtains that are hung behind regular curtains. They are ideal for blocking about 99% of the day light. They are suitable for in hotel rooms. They are also known to cut energy costs because they prevent heat loss from a room.
  • Blinds – These are ideal for all-mirror windows. They regulate light entering a room and provide privacy.

For doors, some of the ways to prevent light penetration include using:

  • Patio door blinds – The blinds allow light to penetrate into the room when opened while still offering privacy to the people in the room. When shut, they completely block daylight.
  • Door sweepInstalling door sweep is an efficient light penetration barrier as well as preventing dirt and dust from getting into the room from under the door.
  • Floor length curtains – These curtains cover the whole door length especially for doors that have glass.

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Always remember to use the best high quality blinds and curtains to regulate the light entering your room. Light is important in a room but when it cannot be controlled, it becomes an annoyance, thus, the need for effective ways to prevent light penetration.