You can extend the life of your boots as long as you give them proper care. Doing this is totally easy because it is somewhat similar with caring for your skin. The leather in your boots also needs proper moisturization in order to keep it supple and long-lasting.

Best Ways to Maintain Boots

Maintaining your boots require only four easy steps – clean, condition, polish, and protect. These four steps are needed in order to fight your boots’ worst enemies – the dirt and dust. If you wipe your boots regularly with a damp cloth, you can prevent dirt and dust from damaging the microscopic fibers. Therefore, your boots will stay strong and durable.

How To Care For Cowboy Boots

  • Cowboy boots should only be conditioned after they have been cleaned and dried so that the conditioner you use will penetrate through the leather’s pores, which in return, will keep the leather soft and supple.
  • When choosing for conditioners, choose the lanolin-based products instead of other types of polishes that have too much oil or wax. Choosing the latter will only make your cowboy boots dry as they only clog the leather pores.
  • Your cowboy boots can be revitalized by wiping them with cream-based polish. This will hide flaws and scratches on the leather while giving it with a smooth finish. Just remember that you can only polish cowboy boots that have a finish.
  • Protect your cowboy boots with a non-silicone stain and water protector.

How To Care For Exotic Cowboy Boots

(Those that are made out of alligator, kangaroo, lizard, and shark skin)

  • Remove dirt by using either a damp cloth or a brush with soft bristles.
  • Condition your exotic leather boots by using an exotic leather conditioner and applying it in multiple thin layers.
  • Using a neutral or color-matching polish on a soft cloth, wipe your exotic boots to give it an instant shine.
  • Just like with ordinary cowboy boots, you can apply them with a non silicone stain/water protector for added protection.

How To Care For Your Deer Tanned/Naked Finish Boots

  • Remove dirt by brushing them off or by wiping it with a damp cloth.
  • To prolong the life of your boots, apply a non silicone stain/water protector.

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How To Care For Buffed/Sueded Leather Boots

  • Clean suede boots by using a soft brush.
  • If your suede boots have just been bought and are new, treat them beforehand with a non-silicone stain and water protector. This should also be done occasionally after you use your suede boots.

How To Care For Suede Cowboy Boots

  • Store your suede cowboy boots in a cool and dry place so that their color will be preserved and you will give them room to breathe.
  • When your boots get wet, dry them off with a clean towel and place them in an area where they can dry off naturally. Do not use heat sources like sun light or blower for drying them.
  • And once they are dry, brush them off with a suede brush to restore the raised suede fibers back to their original condition.

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