Every individual has a dream home which she likes to decorate according to her choice and the best way to bring new style in the rooms is to choose from the various ways of accessorizing your curtain. Those who are interested in unique designs and want to put in a personal touch in their homes, for them curtains are more appropriate than simple blinds. Actually, the feel of a room is enhanced not only by the materials used for the curtains, but the accessories that embellish them are more important.

Best Ways Of Accessorizing Your Curtain

Decorating Your Home With Curtains

There are various reasons why curtains are regarded as the best way of decorating a room. Curtains, especially the long ones help to bring a difference in the temperature of a room both in summer and winter months. They are easy to clean and maintain also and are long lasting. The use of curtains helps one to fulfill one’s dream of making the home most beautiful by using various ways of accessorizing your curtain.

Here are some tips that will help to bring a new look to the old home.

  • When hanging new curtains, the poles need to be changed so that they match excellently with the new drapery.
  • The ways of accessorizing your curtain is by making use of the best quality poles available that are made of wood and metal. The finishing of the wooden rods are attractive. They come in natural oak or pine timber finishes. The metal poles are of gold, brass, silver, copper or steel finishes that make the rooms even more gorgeous.
  • Other accessories include both simple and elaborate designs for the ends of the curtain rods as elegant balls, tapered end, fancy decorative pieces of metal and the like.


Best Ways of Accessorizing Your Tab Top Curtains

  • The curtains should however be of correct measurements. The contemporary readymade ones include eyelets, too.
  • Curtain tiebacks also known as hold-backs are another way of accessorizing your curtain. Sash, pleated tie-backs, fringe or braided or the ones that have frilled edges can be adopted to bring a new style to the curtains. These hold-backs should be carefully selected to match the style of the drapes to bring in the coordination and harmony that one tries to bring in the decor of a room.
  • Care should be taken to select the colors of the curtains in accordance with the paint of the rooms. Usually, white walls are the best as one can use all shades of colors to express oneself. Festive moods are well portrayed through bright colors whereas an elderly person’s room looks sober and dignified with simple colored accessorized curtains.

The popular tab top curtains are widely used nowadays. They bring a new stylish and simple look to the entire decor. The ways of accessorizing curtains especially of tabtop curtains is by having loops sewn at the top so that hooks or rings are not required. The gathers softly fall on the long hanging curtains giving the rooms a sophisticated look.

It is wise to contact the well known furnishers who are experts in this field and will show the ways of accessorizing your curtain in the most exclusive ways.