Anybody would like to have smooth and silky arms and legs aside from a perfect bikini line. This can be achieved more conveniently by using a wax warmer. With an electric wax warmer, you do not have to run to and from the microwave to keep your wax at the perfect temperature while you are performing hair removal at home. Heated wax can be spread more easily and aids in opening follicles and pores. This allows impurities and hair to be taken out more effectively and easily, thereby achieving a more professional result.

well designed electric wax warmer

The wax warmer may not be something that you have yearned for all your life, and the candle wax warmer may be the only device you know that is used for melting wax. However, if you think that you need your hair to be removed regularly and waxing is the best way to do it, then it would be a great idea to start looking for a wax warmer. It is the best alternative to microwave wax and cold wax strips, when doing hair removal at home. It heats the hair removal wax to a consistent temperature, which means not so hot to burn you but enough to adhere to your skin well and open up hair follicles.

There are many different brands that are available on the market such as the Satin Smooth wax warmer. Each brand has its own unique features, which you can utilize for your own particular requirements.

satin smooth professional mini wax warmer

Tips When Using a Wax Warmer

  • Take the lid off the wax jar and put it in the center of the wax warmer.
  • Find the switch of the warmer and press it to “On” position. There should be a knob on the warmer that has various heat settings. Turn it to the right number, depending on how hot you like your wax to be.
  • Wait for the warmer to heat up the cold wax. If you are using a big jar, the process will take approximately 30 to 40 minutes. Once the wax has turned into the desired consistency, it would be ready for application.
  • Turn the switch off once the wax is heated and set control knob to its lowest setting. Wait from one to a couple of hours before taking out the jar of wax. This will allow the temperature of the wax to go down and be safe for use.

premium wax warmer

When using a wax warmer, ensure that the jar of wax could be heated. Many of the wax that is bought in jars for removing hair are heat resistant. Read the jar label first to ensure that the wax is compatible with a heating device. In addition, you should not test the wax temperature using your finger. Wax can become very hot when heated and can cause serious burns.

noble candle and wax warmer

If you have decided that a wax warmer would be greatly beneficial for you, there are a lot of physical stores that carry them such as Wal-Mart. You can also find them being sold in better-known boutiques inside malls such as Beauty Express. Hurry and try one now!