The word watershed is used very commonly but not many actually know what are watersheds. A watershed is commonly also called a water basin or a drainage basin. Watersheds are separated from each other by mountains, hills, ridges, and other geographical features. Watershed may be defined as a land area where the water goes to the same place from. The water drains from the edges and reaches a common point. It is important to maintain watersheds so as to protect the nature’s beauty and the vital role it does to the environment and ultimately to the civilization living near it.

Here are some information about watersheds:

  • If you want to get a clear idea about a watershed, you could always browse watersheds map or look through pictures of watersheds. This will tell you about the watersheds in your area.


  • There are quite a few communities working to maintain and manage watersheds in the country. A watershed should be capable enough to cater to the needs of people along with the animals and plants of that region.

  • Watersheds may be used to organize the natural resource management and also to implement the management so as to divide the topography based on them.

watersheds map

  • The hydrological cycle, the carbon cycle and the nutrient cycle along with natural ecology, soil, roles of fire and flood and geological characteristics play a very important role in maintaining and managing watersheds.

How to cater to the growing need of water:

  • Managing watersheds is probably the best way to meet the demand of freshwater and also to improve its quality.

  • It is important to make sure that no harmful chemicals or waste water reaches the water basin. This is because the water will be passed on to places where people need clean water.

what are watersheds

  • Wetlands may be re-established and water moved properly along the watershed so as to reduce water pollution.

  • Areas for interest of the tourists can also be created near the wetlands which are always popular for bird watching. This serves as a dual advantage because flora and fauna are both being benefited here.

pictures of watersheds

  • Managing watersheds is probably the only way to safeguard our future generations’ needs of clean and freshwater.

Water needs are increasing day by day and that is why it is very important to manage watersheds. They are important for freshwater supplies and thus must be maintained properly. As citizens, we have to take the initiative and make sure they are clean so that the supplies are managed.