Waterproof cameras have gained popularity over time due to their interesting features. Actually, they have advanced with the improvement of technology. They have video modes and focusing modes like face detection among others. A lot of these waterproof cameras are easy to find since they are displayed in various store outlets. The most common concern of many people is finding the best waterproof cameras. Here are some of the best waterproof cameras that one can use for their activities.

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Common Waterproof Cameras

Here are some of the best and quality waterproof cameras available in the market.

  • Panasonic Lumix FT3 – This waterproof camera has got a durable and tough body
  • Fujifilm Finepix XP10 Digital Camera – Fujifilm cameras have great colors and an optical zoom of 5x. This camera makes it possible for you to upload pictures on social media sites like Facebook.
  • Sony Cybershot TX10 – This design has a big touch screen LCD which makes it easier to set any controls. It has a close focus of 1cm which makes it possible to shoot quality videos.
  • Olympics Mju TOUGH 8010 – This camera has better features than the others like 5x zoom range which has a close focus of 3cm.
  • Canon Powershot D10 – This type of camera has a 3x zoom and a 12.1mp sensor. This type of camera is good for the beach and any water activities.

Aside from the mentioned brands above, there are still numerous brands in the market today that manufacture these superb waterproof cameras like Pentax, Kodak, Samsung and Casio. The availability of these brands is very convenient for the general consumers to have a wider selection.

Common Uses of Waterproof Cameras

Some of the common uses of a waterproof camera include:

  • Taking underwater pictures
  • Taking picture in wet weathers
  • Taking pictures in snowy weathers
  • Shooting underwater videos

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On the other hand, disposable cameras are becoming less popular these days because of the latest innovations in digital and waterproof cameras. They are sometimes termed as old school cameras. A lot of mobile phones have incorporated digital cameras. Digital cameras are more convenient to carry. However, disposable cameras are important when you are on a vacation and you need to take pictures without having to buy a new camera. It is also important when your kids want to take pictures and you do not want them to break or lose an expensive digital camera. Younger kids can also start developing their photography skills with these cameras. If you have settled on buying disposable cameras especially for the kids, there are disposable cameras in bulk online or in local stores. Buying in bulk can save a lot of money. May it be waterproof camera or a disposable one, capture the moment and experience using the best camera there is.