It’s about time to search for a water pump replacement when your water pump suddenly goes wrong or the old one can no longer be repaired. Water pumps are daily necessities for households, farms, buildings and other places where there is no or limited connection to a public water utility. And aside from these residential and industrial uses, they also have their specific applications for all water-cooled or injected vehicles.

The Common Types of Water Pumps

There is a long list when it comes to the different types or kinds of water pumps. They are often distinguished by their respective purposes or applications, their pumping capacity, their built or design, and of course, on the water pump replacement cost. But the most commonly used ones are the following.

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  • The Manual or Hand Pumps. Before the mechanical or electrical types of pumps have emerged, there were the original manual or hand-powered pumps. These types were usually simple in form and design compared to the mechanized ones used today. They are made from casted iron and have handles manually lifted and pushed down to pump ground water. These types are also the cheapest ones to maintain because most often, it is only the rubber valves, which need repairs and do not warrant an entire water pump replacement.

  • Well Pumps. The well pumps are the most basic mechanical pumps installed at homes. They are installed in the same metal pipes burrowed deep reaching the groundwater level. These pumps draw their suction power from electrical motors containing blades that suction water or fluid during fast rotations. Since they are common, well water pump replacement cost is not that expensive.

  • Jet Pumps. Jet pumps are similar to well pumps but these types provide more suction power or classified as “heavy-duty”. Aside from installing them on residential wells, the larger jet pumps are also used in industrial sites. Jet Pumps are compact, and when a water pump replacement is warranted, chances are you will have to replace the whole unit.

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  • Submersible Pumps. In contrast with the principle of deep wells and surface pumps, the submersible types work the other way around. These pumps are installed, placed, or lowered down into the water or water source not above the ground. These pumps will have to push the water from the main source upwards. Since they are submersible, the engine or motor of the pumps are waterproof or sealed to prevent water from breaking in.

  • Gear or Vehicle Water Pumps. Unknown to most individuals, vehicles like cars and trucks have their miniature versions of water pumps known as gear pumps. The pumping effect is produced by the rotation of two meshing gears cased within the pumps. When they go wrong, a water pump replacement suitable for the vehicle is warranted.

Estimates on the Costs of Water Pump Replacements

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The price of replacements pumps is highly variable according to the type or kind of pump you need. The manual ones are the cheapest with the rubber valve replacements for only a couple of dollars. The well, jet, and the submersible pumps ranges from around $200 to $500, and when you opt for the higher-end, heavy-duty, or quality ones, there will still be additional premiums. For the car water pump replacement cost, they usually go from $20 to $200.

When Should You Replace Your Water Pump

There are indications when a water pump replacement is better than having your old ones repaired.

  • When it is no longer water running despite repair and maintenance efforts

  • When the power used to run it is way costlier than its output

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  • When you experience frequent failures

  • When you notice substantial and uncontrollable leaks

  • When the pump is too old and very much corroded

  • And when its electrical or other mechanical parts become too risky or exposed.

Now that you have the basic information of water pump replacement, make sure you check yours every once in a while and see if your pump is still okay before replacing them.