When your water pump breaks, you are left with two choices: to have it fixed or to replace it, depending on the gravity of the damage. The water pump replacement cost can prove to be very stressful. The good news is there are ways to lessen the cost. Basic knowledge on the parts and functions of your water pump will help you get through this awfully unwanted dilemma, and from overpricing opportunist repairmen and suppliers.

A water pump is made up of five main components;

•There is the housing which is outer cover of the pump. It is commonly made of cast iron or aluminum material. But most modern ones are covered with stamped steel.

•The second part is the impeller whose function is to spin and contribute on the cooling system.

•The other part is the bearing assembly which provides mechanical support to allow the impeller to rotate on continuous motion.

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•There is the hub which is attached to the bearing assembly; it acts as the source that connects the power that causes the rotation of the impeller.

•The last part is the seal which protects the bearing assembly and coolant from contaminants.

Water pump replacement

There are many machines in our homes that have water pumps. The process of replacement and the water pump replacement cost vary from one machine to another. Here are some:

Well water pump replacement cost

When your well water pump fails, it might be that one of the parts is what needs replacement, although in some cases you would have to replace the entire pump. The retail price of a part will vary from $300 – $ 1400. This means that you will pay between $ 1700 to $ 600as labor costs. The price will also depend on the type and make of your well pump. Installing a new pump will cost you so much more.

Car water pump replacement cost

This depends on the make of the car. The average cost is around $300. Replacing this will take around three to four hours. The total cost can also increase if there are other parts that need replacement like the timing belt and other parts.

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Timing belt water pump replacement cost

This costs approximately $600; this will depend on the make of your car. It is important that when you replace the timing belt you also consider replacing the water pump because this two go hand in hand. This will be much cheaper for you than it will be when you replace them on different occasions. You will find that when you replace then at the same time, you will spend approximately $200 dollars less.

As you have seen above, water pump replacement cost is expensive. You can avoid the expenses by troubleshooting the problem yourself. There are steps to troubleshooting;

•Check whether the water pump will prime when you start it. If it does not, then you need to check whether the pipes have holes. Also, check to see that all the valves and seals are functioning properly. Ensure that the impeller is not too close to the pump’s body. The temperature of the water should not be too warm as this affects the prime of the pump.

•Check the water pressure. If the pump works but there is not enough water then you should make sure you tighten the valves and replace worn parts. This will help increase the pressure.

You can repair some of these problems yourself and help you cut down on the water pump replacement cost.