Machines designed to do your laundry work are generally called washing machine, laundry machine or washer. This is one of the best washing machine reviews you will ever read, because it focuses not only on portable washing machine reviews but also top load washing machine reviews and many aspects others leave out in their reviews. The best washing machine reviews focus on features and not on reliability and durability of the washer.

There are different types and categories of washing machine; top-loading washer and front-loading washer. There are 2 common types of top-loading washer; the regular top-loading washer and the high efficiency top-loading washers. Top-loading washers are the more traditional washing machine where clothes are loaded into the machine from the top.

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These types of washer are the least expensive in the market but they are not suitable for washing heavy clothing and bedding and can be relatively noisy. Front-loading washer uses less energy, detergent, water and does more efficient cleaning than the top-loading machine. Front-loaders have agitator and maintain the quality of clothes washed in them, but the front-loader are more expensive then the top-loader.

Contrary to what most top load washing machine reviews might say, front loaders are more efficient then top loader washing machines. Another common type of washing machine is the portable washing machine, portable washing machine reviews shows that these washing machines have basic functions and features combined with convenience and ease of use.

The major brands of top-loading washing machines include GE, Kenmore, Maytag, Whirlpool and Frigidaire. Major brands for front-loading washing machines include Frigidaire, LG, GE, Kenmore, Samsung, Maytag, Whirlpool, Amana, and Bosch. If the brand of your washing machine is not mentioned, that doesn’t mean that it’s a bad washer. Less popular brand perhaps but the internet is sure to contain some washing machine reviews about it. Hence, it is wise to purchase one with existing washing machine reviews since the feedback assures you that the machine was indeed tested and used by other consumers and experts alike.

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There are basically two washing machine reviews you can find online. One are those detailed washing machine reviews that would require you to read several paragraphs regarding a particular model or a particular brand. The other are simplified summaries which are usually associated with number of stars as ratings. Still, all of them would mean the same but reading the detailed one is highly recommended. To give you an idea on what these washing machine reviews should contain, here are some pointers:

  • Overall rating or consumer rating – overall satisfaction rating by users and experts

  • Pros and Cons – tells you the machine’s advantages and disadvantages

  • Analysis of the review site – what the experts tell you about the machine

  • Consumer recommendations – what the users tell you about the machine

  • Others – energy efficiency rating, cost-efficiency rating, and so much more

In summary, it is indeed vital to read such washing machine reviews in order to ensure performance and avoid regretting the purchase later.