For those of you who collect Vintage Mirrors, there is a lot of types of these mirrors to be enjoyed. For instance, there are Vintage Compact Mirrors, Vintage Starburst Mirrors, and some amazing Vintage Wall Mirrors, which are only a few of the several kinds of vintage mirrors.

Many people have been passionate about vintage mirrors, probably since their grandmothers showed them some of their collections of antique original wall mirrors, which may have been bought and brought home from various places all over the world. Since then, people would want to collect a few of these pieces of vintage mirror themselves.

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Below is a more extensive discussion of the most common types of vintage mirror.

Vintage Compact Mirrors come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the most common variety is a heart shaped piece that women would carry in their purse, or handbag. It is a classic piece of accessory jewelry any girlfriend, significant other, or loved one, would certainly appreciate forever.

best vintage compact mirrors

Vintage Starburst Mirrors were once an amazing accessory, which was once commonly found in every one’s home. Today, they are rare and you hardly ever see them. However, there are a few great options on where to find them. Usually, people have no idea how classic they really are, but there are some rather classic ones with original glass that can be found at some garage sales. These mirrors are a starburst-shaped mirror that comes with a variety of frames. They are generally made of wood, metal, and on occasion, even ceramic.

Vintage Wall Mirrors are a classic home heirloom. They come in all shapes and sizes. They are a real distinguishing home accessory. If you collect antiques of any kind, then you definitely need at least one vintage wall mirror, hopefully with original beveled glass.

elegant vintage starburst mirrors

Vintage Mirrors have an old world feel to them that is very romantic. Some of them come with original beveled class that is really pretty amazing and distinguishable. A lot of people who collect antiques appreciate hand crafted vintage mirrors of various styles and colors.

It must be remembered that not all vintage mirrors are the same. Often times, the glass has been replaced and has been replaced with replica glass as opposed to its original glass.

best vintage wall mirrors

Other times, the Vintage Mirrors have been refurbished, repainted, or refinished. So, when looking to buy a vintage mirror, it is advised that one checks it for any signs of tampering, which indicates that it is not an original.

There are a number of places where you can find vintage mirrors. One of the favorite places is Etsy, which is a place to purchase vintage goods, and handcrafted items. EBay is another great place to acquire vintage mirrors, as well as garage sales, estate sales, antique stores, and sometimes you can find a winner at Flea Markets.