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Ultimate Guide On How To Change Guitar Strings All By Yourself

Ultimate Guide On How To Change Guitar Strings All By Yourself

Changing guitar strings can seem like a daunting and difficult task for those who have never done it before. However, if you learn how to change guitar strings all by yourself, you will never have to ask for help again or make a trip to Guitar Center again.

No longer you’ll be the person showing up to the guitar store asking for help to change your guitar strings. No longer you’ll be the guitar player that has to ask their friends for help changing your strings.

It is a moral obligation of being a guitar player to learn how to change guitar strings all by your own skills. We are here to help you in your process of learning how to change guitar strings like the true guitar champ that you are.

How to Change Guitar Strings

Guitar Strings

Guitar strings can seem like a world of challenge to change yourself, but we are here to inform you that they are not the death of your fingers or your guitar. In fact, you can easily learn how to change guitar strings by yourself like a champ in a few easy steps.

To properly change your guitar strings, you must have the following supplies. This step-by-step is for those using an acoustic guitar and guitar strings. Changing strings on electric guitars are somewhat different, and we are only referring to acoustic style guitars in this case.

String by String

Changing guitar strings is a wonderful tool for any guitar player to have. Here, we will break down the step-by-step of changing your guitar string. The first decision to make is deciding how you will restring. There is an ongoing debate on whether to unstring everything first and then restring all at once, or whether to do one string at a time.

This is completely up to you and it really does not matter which track you take as long as you really focus on what you are doing and making sure you are doing it correctly. The perk of using the one-at-a-time method is that you can maintain most of the tension the neck is used to, and therefore, keep the string’s tension in balance with the truss rod tension.

If you decide to remove all the strings at once, you are able to clean and wipe the fingerboards without having to work around the strings. This helps if you are trying to do a deep clean to your guitar because fingerboards accumulate a mixture of skin, dirt, oil and grime over time, and it can be beneficial for your tone and guitar’s life to remove all strings while cleaning and changing them.

The Step-by-Step Guide in Changing Your Guitar Strings

Guitar string

1. Loosen the strings

Loosen the strings

Remove the strings by loosening them until they are no longer under tension. You can either clip them using nippers or use a tuning machine to loosen until they can be taking out manually out of the tuning pegs. If you want to be extra handy when doing this step, buy yourself an amazing little tool called a peg winder.

2. Remove the bridge pins

guitar string

Remove the bridge pins, which are the knob-looking tools that permit the strings to hook themselves onto the interior of the instrument. You can buy a bridge pin puller that is sold at any music shop and this will help you get the pesky little bridge pins out of your guitar.

Definitely, use a pin puller to get these little suckers out or you might do some damage to them or your guitar. You can also use a guitar pro tip by using a coin or a hard object to push the pins out from the inside of the guitar. Once the pin pegs pop loose, you can pull them out of the peg holes making the pins remove easiest.

3. Remove the guitar strings

guitar strings

Carefully eliminate the guitar strings from the peg holes one string at a time.

4. Clean your guitar

Cleaning the guitar

This is an optional step, but we think it is extremely necessary because taking care of your valued goods is a wonderful way to improve the longevity of your precious guitar’s life. Use a chamois cloth and guitar cleaner to clean the guitar’s body fingerboard, back of the guitar’s neck and headstock.

Never ever use furniture polish, glass spray or household cleaners to clean your guitar. Buy a legit guitar cleaner from a music or guitar shop to use for this process. This process helps remove excess oils, dirt and grime that builds up on your guitar over time.

5. Here comes the best part: changing your strings

changing the strings

The first step is buying new strings. Some strings make it simple by color-coding the strings to indicate which note they are tuned to. There is an ongoing battle of which order you change your strings in, but you can create your favorite method.

The typical method is to first put in the thinnest string, then move to the thickest and then back to the next thinnest and the next thickest and so on. This means you change your strings in this order: 1,6,2,5,3,4 – but this totally up to you.

Insert the knob end of the string into the peg hole and re-insert the end peg while simultaneously holding in the string during this time. It can be of help to you to pull a little tension on the string toward the head of the guitar because the tension helps those pegs from falling out.

Once you have each string in its peg hole, stretch each string while replacing it. Stretch each string to its suitable tuning peg and insert the end through the hole in the peg. Remember throughout this process that you will want to be turning the guitar-tuning key always to the right to tighten (lefty loosey, righty tighty).

Next, you thread the string through the hole and pull tight. Leave a small bit of slack to have an excess string to wind around your tuning pegs. This will allow for a little extra stretching room for the strings once you play again. It is always better to have more string than less because you can always cut off the excess string.

Bend each string up ninety degrees perpendicular to the guitar and turn the tuning key so that you can wind the string multiple times around the peg. This is another spot a peg winding tool will be your new best friend.

You need to tighten the string a few semi-tones below its usual pitch. This is true because you want the string to be tight enough to hold the sound in place, but you want enough tension so that it does not escape from the bottom peg.

You will continue to follow these re-stringing steps until you are done with every single string. Do not forget to tune your guitar after you re-string your guitar for the most proper guitar on the streets.

6. Cut excess strings

Cutting excess strings

The last step in learning how to change guitar strings is to cut off the excess string with wire cutters. Leave about 1/8 of an inch of “stub” on the end. Do not do this step if you are using steel string guitar strings. This only applies to nylon strings, which are made to wind this way.

Wow! Look at you. You just changed your guitar string all by yourself. Give yourself an accomplished pat on the back, because changing your guitar strings all-alone is not an easy task. It is a task that every guitar player should know how to achieve because it comes with the job.

Play Your Strings

Playing the Strings

You cannot play a mean guitar but not know the basics of how to care for it and know how to change its strings. For real though, even if you crush it at playing the guitar, no one will respect you if you can’t change a D string.

How will you impress your guitar playing ideal when his string breaks on stage and he needs a stagehand that can change his string in T-minus 30 seconds? This is exactly why you need to learn how to change guitar strings for your own self and for the sake of winning over your ideal’s good graces and impressing them for life.

As with any learned skill, practice and patience makes perfect. We can promise you that you will not properly change your guitar strings perfectly the first time around. If you keep on with the hard work and continue to practice changing your guitar strings, you will eventually nail the process, and eventually, it will come second nature to you.

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How to Make Whiskey at Home – Steps, Tips And Advice

How to Make Whiskey at Home – Steps, Tips And Advice

First off, we need to get one thing straight:

This entire article is basically hypothetical. While we do teach you how to make whiskey, attempting this project at your home can be very dangerous and is also very much illegal in many areas.

While it has been legalized and legitimized in some areas, the risks of both drinking and distilling homemade alcohol are still very dangerous.

However, it’s quite interesting to learn the process of how to make whiskey “at home” since, if it weren’t illegal and super dangerous, it would be very possible and fun.

Learn how to be a modern moonshiner, if only fictional!

Steps on How to Make Whiskey

So, if you’re interested in making whiskey professionally and don’t actually plan on making it in your bathtub (please don’t) these steps serve as an easy way to make whiskey without many complicated tools or pieces of equipment.

Before starting any professional endeavor, you should first visit your local distillery for information on safety precautions and how a professional distillery is set-up.

Step 1: Choose Your Base


To start off, you’ll need to choose a base. Since whiskey is traditionally a grain-based booze, you can start experimenting with rye, wheat, corn or barley. Alternatively, you can use a multi-grain blend.

However, that being said, it doesn’t exactly make for a huge difference in the creation, although it does, clearly, make a difference in terms of taste.

Let’s say you decide on corn. Corn is a good start because it produces the most amount of sugar, which will make the whiskey distilling process a bit easier for first-timers.

Also, corn will be the easiest to find and cheapest to buy in bulk. To start, you’ll need approximately 10 pounds which will equal to around 5 gallons of booze.

Step 2: Cook Your Base

corn cobs

So now that you have your specific base figured out, it time to cook the specific grain to bring out the flavor.

For corn, you’ll need to cook it at an extremely high temperature in order to reveal the sugars in the garin. Also, you’ll need to cook the corn in water.

This can prove to be a bit difficult by yourself, since professionals and distilleries usually have appliances that will cook the grain perfectly. On your own, gauging the exact temperature can be tough.

However, the best way to make sure your corn or specific grain is cooked to perfection is by purchasing a home brewing beer kit.

Then you can use the kit for the distiller purposes in the first stages. By using a kit, you’ll be able to regulate the cooking process with a step by step guide.

Step 3: Fermentation Process: Beginning Stage

Corn Mash

Alright, so your grain or your corn is cooked fully. Now it’s time to mash it all up. You can do this by using a rolling pin.

After your corn is mashed up, it’s time to make the yeast.

Basically, this is the process of adding yeast to the mashed cooked corn or grain. It may be easier to use a home-brewing kit for this stage as well to make it a bit simpler.

A lot of home brewing kits make it easy to create fermentation in a controlled environment, seeing as the temperature of the concoction needs to be the right temperature. If the yeast is in an environment that’s too hot, it will die.

Once you add the yeast to the corn mash, you can use any sort of sealed container. The first stage of the fermentation process will take at least a few days. During this time, you can watch your yeasty mash transform and grow in exciting and weird ways.

You’re on your way to creating a delicious monster!

Step 4: Perfecting the Fermentation

corn fermentation

If your mash has gone from a sweet porridge to a sour nightmare, you’re on the right track! This means your sugars are turning into alcohol and that the yeast has done well in transforming the sugars.

While this should only take a few days in a true distillery, at home, in a smaller, contained environment without any management of temperatures, the process can take a bit longer. When you’re figuring out how to make whiskey from home, the science isn’t necessarily exact.

That being said, again, a home brewing kit may help you with consistency and preciseness.

However, if you’re looking to straight-up rough it, then you should at least keep an eye, and tongue, out on your fermented mash throughout the process.

You typically should not ferment it for over a week and it’s recommended to taste test the mash throughout the process. A great idea would be to head to your local distillery and ask them to sample a pre-whiskey mash to see how it’s supposed to taste.

Step 5: Put the Mash into a Still

corn fermentation

Now, you need to strain your mash through a kind of still.

Okay, this is where it gets super dangerous.

You need to make sure that there are zero leaks in your still.


As soon as alcoholic vapor is created, the entire situation becomes combustible, which leads to explosions.

That being said, it should be a relief to know that some companies sell small scale stills that are made precisely for this purpose and are more than likely safer than a DIY contraption you’d make based off a YouTube video.

Step 6: Wait it Out

corn syrup

So your boozy mash is in a still, secured. Now, it’s time to let it do its thing.

All you need to do is make sure that your fermented mash is at a whopping 80 degrees Celsius. However, if you purchase a still, it should come with a thermometer, built-in.

Once you make sure the mash is at this temperature, sit back and let it work its magic.

Step 7: Vapor Shocking

Vapor Shocking

Science class at its finest. Once the mash reaches this specific level of heat, the alcohol found inside of the mash will be transformed into vapor and then into a distillate.

This is all with help from a condenser which should constantly have cold water running around it at all times.

This is actually shocking the vapor right back into a liquid form. This vapor that hovers inside of the still is transformed back into a liquid, which is poured into a different container. This, my friends, is your liquor.

8. Taste Testing Your Booze

taste testing

Before tasting your new creation, first dump the first 100 milliliters. It’s both nasty tasting and potentially dangerous, in some instances, similar to methanol.

You’re doing this because you’re flushing out the still of the previous run, or whatever was distilled before. So you’re on a new, clean run.

This can also give notes and flavors that are off. W

So, while it may seem weird to throw away the first 100 milliliters of your new creation, it’s just something you need to do for flavor and safety.

Step 9: Age it in a Barrel

whine in Barrel

Before you go about calling your batch of booze “whiskey” it first needs to be aged in a barrel.

Without this aging process, you simply just made some mediocre-tasting moonshine.

When dealing with a smaller volume of alcohol, the size of your barrel matters. A small barrel will translate to decreased surface area, which means the alcohol will easily absorb the wood qualities such as delicious notes of cedar, oak or other woody flavors.

Small batches, therefore, need smaller barrels in order to reach their greatest potential in terms of taste. This will also help your whiskey absorb flavor faster.

Final Thoughts and a Huge Piece of Advice

If you’re searching around for the best way on how to make whiskey from home, the sites and advice that know what they’re talking about will all either highly recommend you don’t try this project at home, or they’ll direct you to your nearest distillery for more insight and professional information.

Even after this, making your own whiskey requires a lot of risk as well as trial and error. And remember, sometimes it’s more impressive to know how to do this stuff, then actually take the risk in doing it.

But if you already have all your supplies, as well as the thumbs up from someone at a professional distillery, it’s up to you. May the force be with you.

Dating Tips – 101 Date Night Ideas That You Should Probably Do

Dating Tips – 101 Date Night Ideas That You Should Probably Do

When it comes to making a date night (or day) plan, it can sometimes be hard to come up with something – especially coming up with something new.

There are many things you can do on date night – so how do you pick what to do and where to go?

Date night ideas may be a dime a dozen, but when you want to think of something great, it's often hard to come up with the right date night ideas.

Planning Your Date Night

There are things that you'll want to consider when it comes to deciding what to do on date night. You want to consider how long you've been dating, how much money you have to spend, the time of day you're going out, whether you want to go out or just stay in, and if you want to enjoy some time outside or do something indoors.

Here are 101 date ideas that give you some of each of these options – you can go out during the day, at night, or make it a whole day date. Pick one, or combine a few if you have enough time to enjoy more than one of these great date night ideas.

1. Go Bowling

Couple laughing together

If you have a local alley with open bowling, why not throw some balls down the lane?

2. Catch a Movie

couple watching movie together

There's always something good playing in the theater. Not the cheapest date, but it can be fun to see something before it's on Netflix.

3. Go to the Theater

Theater actor

Instead of going to watch a movie on the screen, why not catch a live play?

4. Go to the Opera

Opera house

If you like music and plays, get a combination of both at the opera.

5. Go to the Symphony

Symphony music

If you enjoy music, but the opera is a bit too much for you, the symphony allows you a new way to enjoy music and culture as well.

6. Check Out the Ballet

Ballet dancers

If you want to watch a story played out with dance, the ballet is an amazing experience.

7. Have a Fancy Dinner

couple having a Fancy Dinner

Go out for a fancy meal at a classy restaurant, with a suit and formal dress even!

8. Go for a Moonlit Walk

Moonlit Walk

The moon is always a romantic thing to see. Why not go for a moonlit walk and enjoy the glow.

9. Enjoy a Picnic on the Beach

Picnic on the Beach

As long as the beach you're hanging out on doesn't have specific hours, why not enjoy a beach picnic? Or, have one earlier in the day, on the beach or at a park.

10. Play Some Beach Volleyball

 Beach Volleyball

If you and your date are the sporty types, you can get in a good date “workout” playing some beach volleyball. Go for a swim after the game, to cool off.

11. Candlelit Dinner at Home

Candlelit Dinner at Home

Save money and stay home – you can still have romance and a delicious meal when dining at home (as long as one of you has skills in the kitchen).

12. Netflix and Chill

couple watching Netflix and Chill

Why not have a relaxing night at home? Stay in and binge-watch a show or watch a movie or two on Netflix, or another streaming service.

13. Watch a Documentary

Watch a Documentary

If you're not in the mood to watch TV shows or a movie, why not watch a documentary together? It's a chance for both of you to learn something new.

14. See a Band

live Band

Go out for some live music – whether you go see a local band or something big at the local arena, live music is a great date adventure.

15. Get Backstage Passes

Backstage Passes

If you're going to see one of your favorite national acts, try to get backstage passes. You'll make it an even more memorable night.

16. Go to an Art Opening

Art gallery

If either of you enjoys art, enjoy it at an art opening. You might even get free wine and cheese.

17. Take a Cooking Class Together

Cooking Class

Cooking together can be a great bonding experience – learn to cook something new.

18. Stroll the Mall

Couple Strolling the Mall

Malls have some really interesting stores – why not explore them and try some food court cuisine?

19. Go Out for Pizza

couple eating Pizza

Pizza. Enough said.

20. Go Dancing


Dancing is great cardio, and it's especially fun to do as a couple.

21. Take Dance Lessons

Take Dance Lessons

If either of you doesn't know how to dance, take some dance lessons.

22. Play Board Games

Playing Board Games

Stay in and play some board games. It's a cheap date and can be fun.

23. Play a Card Game

Play a Card Game

Not big on board games? Pull out a deck of cards. Even Go Fish can be fun.

24. Have a Video Game Night

Have a Video Game Night

If you have a video game system, why not challenge each other to your favorite games?

25. Go to a Festival

Go to a Festival

Festivals give you a chance to enjoy culture in so many ways – from music and food to rides and art.

26. Play Pub Trivia

Playing a Pub Trivia

If either of you has a knack for trivia, try out pub trivia (you might win some money).

27. Take a Late Night Walk Around the City

Late Night Walk Around the City

If you live in a city, why not take a walk in the night and enjoy all the lights, as well as the beauty the city has to offer.

28. Go Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting

If you both enjoy wine, hit up a winery and have a taste.

29. Tour a Winery

Tour a Winery

Go for a winery tour – see the fruit on the vine.

30. Take a Brewery Tour

Take a Brewery Tour

Ever wondered how beer is made? You can find out on a brewery tour.

31. Try Out a New Brewery

Try Out a New Brewery

There are new breweries opening up all the time – so go try some new brews.

32. Visit the Planetarium

Visit the Planetarium

Learn about the stars so the next time you look at the sky, you know what you're looking at.

33. Play Pool

Playing Pool

Shoot some pool, have a beer.

34. Play Darts

Play Darts

If the bar you're at has darts, why not throw some?

35. Go to a Fancy Party

Fancy Party

Dress up and go to a nice party – if you know some friends putting one on.

36. Attend a Charity Event

Charity Event

Another chance to dress up fancy, and for a good cause, is to attend a charity event.

37. Check Out the Local Pub

Local Pub

Just go to the bar. Not best for a first date, but great if you both enjoy a night at the pub.

38. Make Dinner Together

couple having dinner

Instead of going out, stay in and make something together. Bonding time in the kitchen can be romantic.

39. Have a Couples Spa Night

Couples Spa Night

Stay in, soak in the bath together, give each other facials, and just take care of yourselves.

40. Try Couple's Massage

Couples Spa Night

Have a relaxing visit to the massage therapist together.

41. Go Camping


Go camping at a park, or in your own backyard.

42. Go to a Comedy Show

Comedy Show

If one of you is in need of a laugh, go to a comedy show.

43. Do Yoga Together

Do Yoga Together

Do some yoga together – it can be a great bonding experience.

44. Stay at a Nice Hotel

Stay at a Nice Hotel

Get away from home for the whole night and stay at a hotel. Swing, enjoy the sauna, and just enjoy a night where someone else has to clean up the mess.

45. Go to a Bed & Breakfast

Go to a Bed & Breakfast

Bed & Breakfasts are more quaint than hotels – and someone will make a homemade breakfast for you in the morning.

46. Look at the Stars

 Look at the Stars

Spend some time in the great outdoors looking up at the stars.

47. Have a Bonfire

Have a Bonfire

Have a bonfire in your own backyard and roast some marshmallows to feed each other.

48. Go to the Drive-In

Go to the Drive-In

There are still drive-in theaters running – check one out for a somewhat unique experience.

49. Go to the Fair

 ride some rides

Fairs are fun. Have some cotton candy, throw darts at balloons, and ride some rides.

50. Visit an Amusement Park

Amusement Park

Kind of like the fair, but with better rides.

51. Try a New Restaurant

couple eating dinner

Go to a restaurant neither of you have been to before.

52. Go on a Road Trip

Road Trip

Jump in the car and drive – the destination doesn't matter.

53. Go Sight-Seeing

couple with eiffel tower background

Go to a scenic outlook, walk around a historic town, or just walk somewhere and see what there is to discover.

54. Go to the Museum

couple at the Museum

Whether it's art or history, museums are great places for dates.

55. Exchange Romantic Gifts

man kissing woman

Instead of going out, stay home and exchange romantic gifts (they could be ones you use in the bedroom later that night).

56. Go Bar Hopping

Bar Hopping

Go out for a fun night and enjoy a drink at all of your favorite bars (make sure you call an Uber).

57. Go to the Arcade

couple playing in the Arcade

Relieve your younger years and go play some video games at the arcade – use your tickets to get each other a fun gift.

58. Watch the Sunset

watching the sunset

Sunsets are extremely romantic.

59. Catch Fireflies

Catch Fireflies

A jar of glowing fireflies is romantic, and catching them is fun. But make sure you give them air holes and let them go before they die.

60. Go to a Sports Game

watching rugby

Catch a basketball, football, hockey, or baseball game together. This is the perfect date idea for couples that love sports.

61. Go on a Double Date

Double Date

Make your date a double with another couple you're friends with (or set up some friends).

62. Go to a Book Store

Book Store

The ultimate book lovers date should include a stop at a bookstore.

63. Take ​​​​an Art Class

Take an Art Class

Hone your artistic skills together and take an art class.

64. Start a Hobby Together

 Hobby Together

Start a hobby together – whether it's art, crafting, or something else.

65. Go to Your Favorite Restaurant

 couple eating in the Restaurant

Take a night out to go to your favorite restaurant (if you both like different places, go to one this date and the other your next one).

66. Go Out for Dessert Only

couple having a Dessert

Be adventurous – go out for dessert instead of dinner.

67. Rent a Movie

Rent a Movie

There are still places to rent movies – like the local library.

68. Go Sing Karaoke

Singing Karaoke

If either of you has any singing talents (or you like to sing), have a karaoke date night.

69. Learn a New Language Together

couple reading books

Pick a language to work together.

70. Read Together

Couple reads the Bible in bed

Start reading the same book – hang out at home in silence. Then talk about what you read (like your own personal book club).

71. Order for Each Other at a Restaurant

Order for Each Other at a Restaurant

Be adventurous – let your date pick what you'll be dining on.

72. Go Play Golf

Play Golf

Go play some golf if it's a nice day out.

73. Try Disc Golf

Disc Golf

Disc golf can be even more fun, and challenging.

74. Start Planning Your Dream Vacation

Start Planning Your Dream Vacation

Stay in and plan a big vacation (put away the date money you save to help pay for your time away).

75. Recreate Your First Date

Recreate Your First Date

Go to the same place and do the same things.

76. Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

If you're adventurous, try a scavenger hunt (you can set up your own, go to one set up by others, or even do some geocaching).

77. Go Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

If scavenger hunts aren't enough adventure for you, go to a rock climbing wall.

78. Do a Photo Shoot

 Photo Shoot

Take photos of each other on your adventures.

79. Order Takeout

couple eating in the room

Stay in and order in. You can even order from a couple different places, depending on what you're both in the mood for.

80. Redecorate the House

Redecorate the House

Have a productive date – do some work around the house.

81. Do a Puzzle Together

Do a Puzzle Together

Stay in and put a puzzle together.

82. Host a Dinner Party

Host a Dinner Party

Instead of going to a dinner party, invite other couples over for one at your place.

83. Attend a Murder Mystery Party

Attend a Murder Mystery Party

Murder Mystery Parties let you solve mysteries together.

84. Get Friends Together and Beat an Escape Room

Get Friends Together and Beat an Escape Room

Escape Rooms require more than two people, but they are fun.

85. Get Tattoos Together

Get Tattoos Together

If you are both open to tattoos, why not get one together (just don't get your names on each other).

86. Go to a Psychic

Go to a Psychic

If you're curious about the future of your relationship, visit a psychic. They might use a crystal ball or might read your palms, or do a tea leaf reading.

88. Play Putt-Putt Golf

playing Putt-Putt Golf

Not up for the big golf course? Have some fun with putt-putt.

89. Attend an Open Mic Night

Attend an Open Mic Night

Go to open mic night, and sign up if you have a talent. Some only allow music, others will let you do comedy acts and even read poetry.

90. Write Poems to Each Other

Write Poems to Each Other

Stay in and write romantic poems to each other. This pairs great with a candlelit dinner that you cooked together.

91. Go Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding

Get on the trails and let the horse lead the way.

92. Take a Hike

Take a Hike

If you're not a fan of horses, hit the trails on your own legs. Hiking lets you get back to nature (and offers lots of time for communication).

93. Go for a Jog Together

Couple Jog Together

If you both enjoy fitness, go for a jog. You can have a destination, or just enjoy the time on the road together.

94. Take a Fitness Class Together

Take a Fitness Class Together

Another great date idea for the fitness minded is to take a fitness class together.

95. Play Basketball at the Park

Play Basketball at the Park

Shoot some hoops, neither of you have to be good at it.

96. Play Tennis at the Park

Play Tennis at the Park

Tennis is also fun, and it doesn't matter if you can play well.

97. Go Swimming


Cool off together – take a swim in a pool or at a lake. Skip the skinny dipping, unless you want to get fined and maybe spend a night in jail!

98. Volunteer Together

Volunteer Together

Volunteer your date night at a soup kitchen.

99. Go to a Toy Store

Toy Store

Relieve your youth and spend your date (or part of it anyway) checking out the toys at the toy store. Play a game at stores that offer game nights.

100. Visit a Tourist Trap

couple watching view

Hit the road with a crazy destination – like the largest pie plate in the world or the biggest Paul Bunyon statue. Or, visit a park that has giant dinosaur statues or characters from your favorite cartoons.

101. Go Out for Ice Cream

Go Out for Ice Cream

Craving dessert – go out for ice cream (you can walk there or ride bikes there). Split a banana split or a sundae.

Make It a Date

Now that you have a plethora of date night ideas, it's time to make a plan. Consider how much money and time you want to spend and do things that you'll both enjoy. The more special the date, the longer both of you will remember it.

A Look At The Top 10 Must-Have Items For Your Garage Workbench

Are you utilizing all of the space your garage has to offer? Whether or not you park your car in your garage, if you have space for a garage workbench, you should have one. Garages are great areas to do all sorts of projects – from woodworking to metalworking.

It doesn't matter if you're male or female, your garage workbench can offer you a nice secluded area to get the job done.

People have set up candle making shops, woodworking shops, and more in their own garages. You can start a business there or work on the projects you need for remodeling your home – that's up to you.

Comparison Table






1. Clamp – Vise Jaws

JCL Vise Jaws - Nylon, Multipurpose 6' - Use on any Metal Vise,...
  • 6" REVERSIBLE VISE JAWS will protect and hold any product on your VISE - 100% money back warranty.

  • UNIQUE DESIGN in the market place means BOTH FACES of each JAW can be used for FLAT or ROUND product

  • COMMON USES Barrels, Automotive, Golf work, Engineering, Carpentry, Jewellery, Toolmaker
  • 2. Bench Dog – Kreg Tool

    Kreg Tool Company KKS1070 Kreg Bench Dogs
  • From the manufacturer: These simple 3/4" reinforced nylon bench dogs include several features to help make your next...

  • Included with each Bench Dog is a solid rubber Bench Brake
  • Planing Stop

    is a secured piece of metal with teeth (at least two) that works kind of like a vise, in that it helps keep the things you're working on where you want them to be on your workbench. It's like a doorstop for your bench, in a way.

    4. Rubber Mat – Busted Knuckle Garage

    Busted Knuckle Garage BKG-80 Work Bench Mat

  • A non-slip project mat that protects and keeps your work area clean

  • Chemical resistant and holds liquid spills up to 32 ounces

  • Has a notched lip for easy pour-off
  • Board Jack

    The board jack is similar to the bench dog – it helps keep stuff in place on your workbench, but in a different way. Instead of being attached to the top of your “table,” the board jack goes down the leg of the table. In this way, it helps support longer boards you're working with.

    6. Tool Kit – Stanley 94-248

    STANLEY Mechanics Tools Kit / Home Tool Kit, 65-Piece (94-248)
  • ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED: Ratchet handles are ergonomically designed and have an easy-to-use, thumb-operated...

  • SOCKET AND EXTENSION LOCK: Sockets and extensions remain locked onto the drive until disengaged with an easy-to-reach,...

  • SOCKET FEATURES: Sockets feature Max-Drive design, a unique radius corner design that provides 15% more torque than...
  • 7. Larger Equipment – Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw With Fence

    RIKON 10-305 Bandsaw With Fence, 10-Inch
  • Solid Steel Design- The 10-305 is a scaled down version of the popular 10-345 and 10-325. Frame is made of steel plate,...

  • Cast Iron Table-Large 13-3/4-Inch by 12-1/2-Inch sturdy work surface, a feature not typically found on a bandsaw of this...

  • Rip Fence- A quality rip fence is now included. Easily removed to do free hand work
  • Qooltek Multipurpose Laser Level Laser Line 8 feet Measure Tape Ruler...
  • 3-PRONGED APPROACH - combines a fine-tuned tape measure, a triple-positioned leveling bubble and a NEW laser level to...

  • WORKS FOR INDOOR - designed for any situation where a straight line or accurate measurements are needed, such as...

  • 8-FOOT Measuring Tape - comes loaded with an 8-foot measure that includes imperial and metric linear measures, with...
  • 7. Shop Vac – Shop-Vac 5989400

    Shop-Vac 5989400 8 gallon 6.0 Peak HP Stainless Wet Dry Vacuum, Black

  • Stainless steel tank

  • Positive lid latch system

  • Rear blower port
  • 10. A Place for Waste – Rubbermade Commercial product

    Rubbermaid Commercial Products BRUTE Rollout Trash/Recycling Cans

  • Heavy-duty wheels with high performance treads are optimized for use indoors and outdoors

  • Reinforced rim for superior structural integrity and robust lid designed for added strength

  • Rollout lids open fully and stay in place to prevent swinging during transport

  • What to Do with Your Garage Workbench

    home garage

    Aside from being an ideal workspace for any project, your garage workbench will offer you many things – including a reason to keep your garage neat and organized.

    Now, if you do plan to do a lot of work on that workbench, and you have a lot of tools, supplies and other stuff – make sure your workbench is big enough.

    There are some essential tools you'll want if you're going to be working in the garage, and some of them can take up space on that workbench.

    You also want everything you can to keep things organized – so make sure you have the right amount (and type) of shelving. Did you know metal shelving can attract moisture?

    Before you even start buying your must-have workbench items, you need to make sure you have the following things if you want to get the most out of your new garage workshop –

    The Right Workbench

    Again, the right size of workbench is extremely important. Think of it as an office desk – since you'll possibly need lighting on it, as well as holders for various small gadgets like pencils and rulers. You want it to have drawers as well because the more spaces you have to keep and organize stuff the better.

    Consider what material you want your workbench made out of. While metal can attract moisture and start to rust, you want something sturdy if you'll be using saws and other cutting tools on it – a wooden bench may end up damaged.

    The Right Shelving and Storage

    This is a workbench, so the intention is to work on it – which means you need a workspace. If you have places to put stuff, so it doesn't have to hang out on the bench, you'll have more space to get the job done. There are lots of things you can do to make space.

    Bring in an old dresser – you can organize many of the items you use inside the drawers. Get some peg board, to hang on the walls around your workbench – offering you a place to hang tools, so they're out of the way, but still easy to get at. And, of course, have a shelf or two for storing larger items, like your jigsaw and your saws-all.

    Work Area Seating

    Your workbench isn't a desk, so a regular old desk chair isn't going to work. If you need some downtime during your projects, or just want to sit some while you work, a stool of the proper height for your workbench would be a good investment. Get something with nice cushioning, so it's comfortable to sit on.

    If you have a desk in your garage work area as well (this can come in handy), then you'll also want a comfortable desk chair. Your work desk is a great place to keep your coffee while you're working, and it doubles as a lunch table when you're deep into a project.

    Your Garage Workbench Must-Haves

    You have a garage, so now is the perfect time to get serious about your garage workbench.

    Don't let this useful garage space go to waste when it offers so much potential for getting projects done, creating new projects, and overall creativity.

    Here are ten things you need for your workbench – from items that will keep your bench from looking cluttered to the actual tools you're going to want to use.

    1. Clamp – Vise Jaws

    JCL Vise Jaws - Nylon, Multipurpose 6" - Use on any Metal Vise,...
    • Multipurpose Design: These 6" nylon vise jaw pads are designed for you to use either the flat or grooved side to protect...
    • Extra Compatible: Our nylon vise pads are compatible with a wide variety of tools including vise block, drill press...
    • Protects Delicate Surfaces: Our bench vise jaw covers are made from durable nylon which is sturdy enough to hold your...

    It doesn't matter what kind of work you're planning on doing on your bench, at some point you're going to need to clamp something down and keep it in place. Clamps let you do that – whether it's wood, plastic, or metal that you need to keep sturdy while you're cutting or drilling, the right clamp will do the job for you.

    It's helpful to have a variety of sizes and styles of clamps on hand. This way you have one that works when you need it. You can also find them listed as vice grips (just a sturdier product for more substantial jobs).





    Kreg Tool Company KKS1070 Kreg Bench Dogs
    • Squared clamping pad for secure hold
    • Great for routing, cutting, and sanding
    • Place in Bench Dog or directly in bench

    A bench dog can be holes or pages in your bench that allow you a place to connect your vice or clamps so that you can easily hold your wood (or whatever you're working on) in place. This makes it so that you don't always have to have the clamps around the sides of your workbench. These pegs can also hold your hand and power tools in place while you're using them – keeping them from shifting and sliding around the top of your workbench.

    You can find metal work benches that already come with bench dogs built it. Doing a DIY job on your workbench, to incorporate a bench dog, is easier to do when you're working on a wood bench.





    3. Planing Stop

    Planing Stop

    A ‘bench stop,' or planing stop is a secured piece of metal with teeth (at least two) that works kind of like a vise, in that it helps keep the things you're working on where you want them to be on your workbench. It's like a doorstop for your bench, in a way. While many people skip this gadget, it still serves a purpose if you're going to be doing actual work on your workbench.





    Busted Knuckle Garage BKG-80 Work Bench Mat
    • A non-slip project mat that protects and keeps your work area clean
    • Chemical resistant and holds liquid spills up to 32 ounces
    • Has a notched lip for easy pour-off

    There are actually two types of rubber mats you're going to want in your workspace. The first is the type that sits on your workbench and helps keep the stuff you're working on from sliding around – great for things you don't want to put in a vise. The second is one to stand on – because standing on a hard surface for a prolonged experience can hurt from your feet up to your neck.

    The bench mat, if you purchase the right one, can double as a holder for loose screws and other items as well.





    5. Board Jack

    board jack

    The board jack is similar to the bench dog – it helps keep stuff in place on your workbench, but in a different way. Instead of being attached to the top of your “table,” the board jack goes down the leg of the table. In this way, it helps support longer boards you're working with.





    STANLEY Mechanics Tools Kit / Home Tool Kit, 65-Piece (94-248)
    • STANLEY offers a complete range of SAE and metric-sized sockets and 1/4-inch, 3/8-inch and 1/2-inch drive tools in this...
    • Our socket sets in the tool sets for mechanics combine the most popular tools for easy accessibility
    • STANLEY drive tools in the mechanical tool set are forged from high-quality steel and finished in high-polish nickel...

    No work can be done on a workbench without some tools. You're going to want to invest in a good tool set – and depending on how much work you're doing, you may want to invest in a great toolkit. You might also want a metal tool chest on wheels if you have a lot of tools.

    Here are some of the basics all garage workbenches should have when it comes to tools:

    • Hammer
    • Mallet
    • Various sizes of screwdrivers
    • An electric drill with everything
    • Tape measure
    • Pliers (get a few different styles, including needle nose)
    • Staple gun
    • Pencil
    • Wrenches
    • Utility knife
    • Duct tape
    • Safety glasses

    There are many other tools and items you can add to your toolkit, depending on what kind of work you're doing. This is a good place to start. You should also invest in a wide variety of nails and screws, as well as things like washers.





    RIKON 10-305 Bandsaw With Fence, 10-Inch
    • Solid Steel Design- The 10-305 is a scaled down version of the popular 10-345 and 10-325. Frame is made of steel plate,...
    • Cast Iron Table-Large 13-3/4-Inch by 12-1/2-Inch sturdy work surface, a feature not typically found on a bandsaw of this...
    • Rip Fence- A quality rip fence is now included. Easily removed to do free hand work

    If you're doing woodworking, metalworking, and other big projects in your garage workroom, you'll need the machines to help you do the job right.

    If you're really serious, you may invest in a lathe (which is going to take up some space) and a 3D printer (they are a must for designers these days). Aside from those, here are some other machines to consider:

    • Bandsaw
    • Scroll saw
    • Other types of saws
    • Air compressor
    • Sander
    • Sand paper
    • Miter saw
    • CNC router
    • Table saw
    • Wood grinder

    This stuff might not spend all of its time on your workbench, or it might be to big too ever be used there, but they are still integral parts of the workbench environment.





    Qooltek Multipurpose Laser Level Laser Line 8 feet Measure Tape Ruler...
    • 📏 3-PRONGED APPROACH - combines a fine-tuned tape measure, a triple-positioned leveling bubble and a NEW laser level...
    • 📏WORKS FOR INDOOR - designed for any situation where a straight line or accurate measurements are needed, such as...
    • 📏8-FOOT Measuring Tape - comes loaded with an 8-foot measure that includes imperial and metric linear measures, with...

    If you're building things on your garage workbench, you need to make sure that what you're creating is level. Even the project of a simple coffee table can be a disaster if things aren't level. While this device is part of your toolkit, it deserves its own number on the list because of its importance.

    You can get an old-school level that has the liquid to let you know what is level. Consider investing in a laser leveler – It may be more expensive, but it could prove to be more accurate.





    Shop-Vac 5989400 8 gallon 6.0 Peak HP Stainless Wet Dry Vacuum, Black
    • New Model now available. #5979403, #B07KPZF95L
    • Positive lid latch system
    • GOT DIRT? Shop-Vac's full line of products includes cordless, rechargeable wet dry vacuums, automotive vacuum systems,...

    Your garage and your work area are going to get messy while you're out there sawing wood and hammering things. There will be dust and sawdust all over the place. Since you don't want to track this, or metal shavings, into your car or home, get a shop vac to use to suck up any of the messes you make powerfully.





    Rubbermaid Commercial Products BRUTE Rollout Trash/Recycling Cans
    • Heavy-duty wheels with high performance treads are optimized for use indoors and outdoors
    • Reinforced rim for superior structural integrity and robust lid designed for added strength
    • Rollout lids open fully and stay in place to prevent swinging during transport

    Make sure that you have a place for waste as well. Keep “normal” garbage separate from anything that can be recycled. If you work with a lot of wood, consider keeping a burn pile for the leftovers that don't have enough left to them for you to use for another project.

    Recycling is important. It keeps waste out of the landfills, keeps it from destroying nature and wildlife, and keeps that waste from contaminating the soil and the air.

    Don't be part of the problem – recycle and reuse, or donate (or at least burn), anything that is leftover from your projects.





    What's Your Garage Workbench to You?

    Whether your workspace in your garage is a place to get away from the kids for a little while and have fun with a woodworking hobby, or it's a place to make garden art created from metal to sell at craft shows and flea markets – you want your garage workbench area to be a respite where you can get into the zone.

    These ten general items will give you want you need to get started.

    You'll just need to add the supplies for whatever your project is. If your first project will be to build that workbench yourself, you'll need most of these things anyway – plus, lots of wood and some good online instructions. You can find videos on YouTube that walk you through the process.

    You don't have to DIY your bench if you don't want to – just head out to Lowes, Menards, or Home Depot (or your local hardware store) and get a bench so you can get right to creating amazing things.

    There's nothing wrong with investing in a premade bench.

    Garages Aren't Just for Cars

    You can stop living under the notion that your garage is just a place for vehicles and lawnmowers. It's also far more than just a storage area (and that stuff you're storing on there is probably home to many mice families by now).

    Make your garage, and your new garage workbench, work for you and create a workspace that breeds creativity and entrepreneurship – you never know where it will take you. 

    The 10 Relationship Questions To Ask To Fix Your Situation

    The 10 Relationship Questions To Ask To Fix Your Situation

    relationship questions

    Relationships are strange things, and they sometimes fall apart.

    Whether you're married or in a serious relationship, if you feel like things just aren't going right – no matter what it is that seems like it's not working – there are some things you should do, and consider, before you just walk away (or even before you decide to stay and tough it out).

    Everyone has relationship questions, but if you're always questioning your relationship, you need to get some help.

    Before you call your relationship quits, you need to look into what things aren't working in your relationship – it could be something one of you is doing wrong, something both of you are doing wrong, or something that is messing this up outside of the two of you.

    There are questions you should ask yourself, there is therapy you need to consider, and there is a lot of talking you need to do before you make any drastic decisions about your union.


    When It's Time to Consider Therapy

    When you're having relationship problems, you need to talk about things with one another.

    Communication is an important part of all types of relationships, romantic and otherwise. If you're not communicating with each other, things will start to take a turn for the worse.

    couple having a coffee

    If you've tried to talk to each other and it hasn't worked, or if talking always seems to turn into fighting, it's definitely time to seek counseling. There are a few different helpful options when it comes to counseling, from individual counseling to couples/marriage counseling.

    There are different methods of couple’s therapy – they all require couples to look at each other, themselves, and the relationship itself.

    For therapy sessions to be effective, there are some things that need to be covered – these are things that will help the couple work things out (whether working it out means making it work or walking away).

    1. Change Relationship Views

    open eye

    Effective therapy helps the couple look at their relationship from a different perspective. By learning to be more objective when it comes to the relationship, couples can get to the base of what is causing strife in their relationship. There are many things that can cause relationship issues – money problems, infidelity, communication breakdown, and different priorities are just a few of the things that can hurt a relationship.

    2. Alter Negative Behaviors

    happy and sad checklist

    Anger issues, abuse, narcissism, and other negative behaviors that can creep into relationships will come out in therapy. With the assistance of a therapist, couples can work through these problems – it's a chance to admit that both of you are wrong (the abuser for being abusive and the “victim” for staying where they are). Abuse can be dealt with if both people are willing to make the changes needed.

    This is not to say the “victim” of abuse has any fault in the abuse. However, there is help – you don't have to stay in an abusive relationship.

    3. Open Emotions


    A good therapist will help you both be more emotionally open. When couples are always bottling up their feelings, it's breaking up the lines of communication. By learning to express your feelings to each other, you can work through problems.

    Emotional issues can stem all the way back to childhood. If you didn't feel like you could share your problems with anyone as a child, as a teenager, or at any other point, it can seep into future relationships – making it an important topic to broach with your therapist.


    4. Build on Strengths

    love strength and togetherness

    Individually, you and your partner have both strengths and weaknesses. Together, your relationship also has strengths and weaknesses. Your therapist will teach the two of you how to focus on and build those strengths – by building your strengths, you will lessen your weaknesses. You don't want to ignore those weaknesses. However, by focusing on and increasing your strengths, those weaknesses will be easier to deal with.


    5. Open Communication

    man and woman talking

    Your therapist will also make sure that you and your partner learn how to effectively communicate with one another – even when you're not sitting in the therapist's office. You need to be able to communicate on many levels, and anywhere that you might be. Communication should never end just because the therapy session has ended. This communication is about more than just small talk. You need to share your feelings, your hopes, your wishes, and your fears with each other. It's part of the bonding process.


    Questions and Topics of Conversation

    When it comes to communication in relationships, you need to be talking to one another. If things feel like they're not working, there are some relationship questions you can ask yourselves and each other. The questions can be asked before you go to therapy, while you're attending therapy, or even after you've completed therapy.

    The purpose of these ten relationship questions is to get you talking – but even more so, it's important to ask these questions because they are designed to make you both reflect on your relationship. They are meant to get you to look at your union and at yourselves. It's a chance to open up and to get right down to the details of why your relationship is failing (and how to get it back on track, if you can).

    These are ten relationship questions that will make you both think. Focus on them, one at a time. Don't spout out the first thing that comes to mind. Really look into your heart, mind, and soul in order to get to the heart of the matter.

    1. How Committed Are We to This Relationship?


    star wars characters

    The commitment you both have to this relationship will help you determine whether or not it can be saved, or is worth saving. You could find that things aren't working because one or both of you just don't want to be in the relationship anymore.

    Are you simply staying together because you don't want to be alone? Are you married, and you don't want to break your vows? Do you feel like you already put too much into the relationship to walk away now, but feel like you have grown apart?

    If there’s no commitment in the relationship, even if only one of you is ready to walk away, it may be time to call things off. You do want to consider each other's feelings, and you also want to consider what goes into getting a divorce if you're married. But there is no sense in dragging things on if one or both of you has nothing left to invest in your coupling.


    2. Are We Both Happy in This Relationship?

    happy couple

    You can be committed to a relationship and still be unhappy. There are a lot of things that can bring unhappiness into a coupling – money issues, work issues, sexual issues, and more. Ask each other, “Are you happy?” Consider the answers, the body language, and how quick you both are to answer. If there's a hesitation, why is it there? Why do you not know if you're happy? If you're unhappy – why are you unhappy? Is there something that would make you happy in this relationship again?

    3. Why Did We Originally Fall in Love with Each Other?

    man holding a bouquet of flowers

    What brought you together? What is it that made the two of you fall in love with each other? Look back at the beginning – it could be enough to rekindle feelings of love for each other.

    If you find that you fell in love for all the wrong reasons, you may learn that your relationship was actually doomed from the start. If your relationship was based on money or looks, and not a deep affection for each other, you may need to reevaluate whether or not you should stay together. 

    4. Who Will Be Affected by This Break-Up?

    man and woman black & white

    You're not the only people in your relationship, as strange as that may seem. Even if you don't have children, you and your partner may share mutual friends who will be affected by your split. Don't stay together just because of them, but don't be selfish. Always consider other people's feelings and how your action may affect them. If you have children, you have a lot of things to think about when it comes to separating with kids. While you don't want your children to see the arguments and hatred in a broken home, you also don't want to leave them stuck choosing between parents. Make sure you know what your decisions will do to them and be as open and honest with them as you can. 


    5. What Is Love to the Both of Us?

    stack of love wooden blocks

    What love is to you could determine how your relationship works out. If you both see love differently, this could be a catalyst to your relationship issues. Love is more than sexual – you need intimacy that is not sexual in order to bond with one another. 

    6. What Is Our Relationship Based On?

    man and woman holding heart boards

    Is your relationship based on love, sex, mutual admiration? Is one of you co-dependent? The foundation of your relationship determines how sturdy it is. If your relationship is based on something superficial, like sex, is it something you can change? If it is, would the change make a difference – would it make the relationship last and become stronger?

    7. What Do We Each Need Out of This Relationship?

    hugging an orange heart

    Why are you together? What is the purpose of your union, and what do you expect to get from it? A healthy relationship would have answers like – “We have a mutual love and admiration for each other” or “We just want to share a life with each other, we have so many interests that mesh and keep us communicating.” If your answers have things to do only with sex or having someone to do things for you, or just needing someone to be there because you're afraid of being alone – your relationship is a bit off balance. That lack of balance is probably at least part of the reason the two of you are clashing.

    8. What Do We Need to Ask Each Other to Give?

    ask sign

    Relationships are about give and take – what are you wishing your partner would give? What are you giving in return? Maybe you need more intimacy that isn't revolving around sex, or maybe you feel like you're not getting enough physical attention. Remember, partners are partners, not mind readers – your significant other can't read your mind, so you need to let them know what you need from them in your relationship.

    9. What Positive Things Are Coming Out of This Relationship?

    parents kissing their baby

    Don't spend all of this time delving into the negatives with these relationship questions – look at the positive things as well. What are some of the good things in your relationship? If you can't name at least one positive thing about your union, then things have gotten extremely bad.

    10. How Much Are Both of Us to Blame for the Relationship Problems?

    man and woman

    You can't keep blaming each other for the mistakes in your relationship – It takes two to ruin a romantic love. You need to be willing to admit your own mistakes and stop putting all the blame on the other person. Sometimes your faults are hard to see – like a bossy nature. You think you're being helpful, but your actions are borderline abusive without meaning to be.

    Is It Time to Fix It or Walk Away?

    Once you've answered these interview questions, it's time to determine what the answers mean and if it is time for you to split up or file for divorce. If you're married, consider a trial separation. These are the best relationship questions to help you both get a better understanding of each other – use them, and it could make a difference.

    3 Easy Methods How To Remove Window Tint And More

    3 Easy Methods How To Remove Window Tint And More

    Pre-owned cars have lots of positives. You can get a great deal on a great car simply because it isn’t brand new.

    And thanks to hundreds of reputable selling sites, you can learn everything there is to know about your pre-owned car.

    You can find out what repairs it has had or what accidents, if any, it has ever been in. You can make an informed decision and end up with both a bargain and a steal.

    But pre-owned cars mean that some other buyer picked out all the details.

    You car is subject to the decisions of someone else. Most of these decisions are purely cosmetic and mostly superficial, but there’s one decision you may be eager to reverse.

    Tinted windows.

    Tinted windows always seem like a good idea in the beginning. They help keep the sun out and make it easier to see as you drive.

    Seems like a no-brainer doesn’t it?

    Except that tinted windows come with a pretty long list of risks and setbacks.

    How to Remove Window Tint in 3 Easy Methods

    Someone removing plastic in the car window

    The layer of tint on windows is a safety concern for many reasons. It actually affects the way that the glass will shatter in the event of a crash. Glass on driver and passenger windows is designed to break into tiny pieces rather than large shards. When windows are tinted the layer of film prevents the glass from shattering correctly.

    Tint on your windows can also make it more likely that you’ll end up in some kind of accident to begin with. That’s because other drivers and pedestrians can’t see your eyes as you drive. That might sound kind of strange, right? Why do they need to see your eyes?

    Consider how many times you make eye contact with other drivers and with pedestrians. You might not realize it, but making eye contact with those around you helps them see you and your vehicle.

    And on a purely aesthetic level, window tint tends to bubble and peel with time. That means you’re pre-owned car might already have a few streaks of tint missing. If there’s one thing worse than an entire window that’s been tinted, it is definitely a window that is only partially covered in tint.

    Okay, so you know that you want to get rid of your tinted windows, but how do it you do it? You know there are probably professional options available, but you’d hate to spend money on removing tint if you can do it yourself.

    Luckily, you can. Here are 3 easy and ingenious ways to remove window tint.

    1. Use a Steamer

    The first method of how to remove window tint is by far the easiest, and it involves the least amount of effort on your part. This means the least amount of scraping and scrubbing. In order to accomplish it, you need to have a steamer on hand.

    If you don’t have a steamer, you can purchase one for relatively cheap like this one here. If your time and effort are more valuable to you than a $30 investment, then this is the method for you.

    Once you have your steamer, you simply fill it with water and begin to run the hot steam over the window. Start with one window at a time and slowly run the steaming nozzle over the surface. After several minutes, you will notice that the glue holding the tint on will start to melt. Once the glue is melted, shut the steamer off and peel back the layer of tint. It should come off the window like a sheet of plastic wrap.

    You shouldn’t have to scrape anything or take out a razor blade as long as you pull slowly and wait until all the glue has melted.

    Once the tint it completely off the window, it’s time to get rid of the glue residue. Products like Goof Off make it easy to remove sticky residue. Just spray down the window and take a rag to wipe the glue away – no stickiness, no tint, minimal effort, and maximum results.

    2. Sunlight and Ammonia

    Maybe you don’t own a steamer, and you really don’t feel like investing in one that you are never going to use again for anything else.

    Maybe you just want to try another option and see for yourself which method of how to remove window tint yields the best results.

    The second method still gives you the satisfaction of pulling off the tint in one massive sheet, and it’s a pretty gratifying endeavor even if it does involve some elbow grease.

    All you need is a spray bottle of ammonia, a black trash bag, and a sunny day. You can use Windex with ammonia, and that’s the most expensive investment that you’ll have to make in removing your tint.

    You’ll want to begin with your window rolled down a few inches. Then spray the window with your ammonia mixture. Make sure you coat the entire window and that you get a good amount on. Then press the garbage bag against the window.

    To secure the garbage bag, tuck the top of it over the gap between the window and the door frame, and then roll the window up completely. Press and smooth the bag across the entire window.

    You also want to make sure that the window is positioned in direct sunlight. If it is not, reposition your car, or the method won’t work. The plastic bag will absorb the heat from the sun and help it to melt the glue that is holding on the tint.

    Make sure you give this process plenty of time.

    It’s best to let it sit for an hour, and then come back and apply more of your ammonia solution, and then let it sit for another hour.

    Once you feel like you’ve given your window plenty of time, roll the window down and inch or 2 and peel the plastic bag off the window. Next, take out a razor blade, and begin in the upper corner of your window. Moving carefully, place the razor blade at the edge of the tint and peel it back enough for you to grab onto. Then, using just your hands, peel the tint slowly back from the window.

    The goal is to get the tint off in a single sheet, so make sure you move carefully. Once you have removed the tint you will likely notice small spots where the tint did not come off completely. On those spots you will have to use your razor blade to peel the last bit off.

    Finally, you’ll want to make sure that your window doesn’t have any adhesive residue on it. For that you can pull out some trusty Goof Off. It does wonders on sticky messes, and it can help get your window nice and clean with no sticky or tacky feel to it.

    It might not be the most fun you’ll ever have in an afternoon, but you’ll certainty get a lot of satisfaction after you pull off a big sheet of tint.

    3. Use a Hairdryer

    If you’d rather not deal with a lot of spraying and waiting, you can give the hairdryer method of how to remove window tint a try.

    Since you probably already have a hairdryer lying around, the only other extra materials you need to make sure you have would be a rag, some kind of glass cleaner, like Windex, and a razor blade.

    Begin by holding your hair dryer about 2 inches from the window with it set on high. With the air directed right at the corner of window, take your razor blade and lift up the corner of the tint. Slowly peel back the tint as you keep the hot air directed at where the tint meets the glass. This way you are heating the tint as you peel. You are melting the glue, and that allows you to pull up on the tint.

    Keep heating and peeling the tint until you have gotten the entire sheet off. Again, you will likely have to go back over the window and apply the heat and razor blade to any small patches that were not removed with the sheet. Once you are done, you can spray the window with cleaner and use a rag to help wipe off any excess adhesive. If the adhesive persists, you can try a dab of Goof Off.

    Re-Vamp Your Pre-Owned Car

    These three methods for how to remove window tint will have your windows nice and clear in no time.

    You’ll be able to see out of them with ease, and you won’t have to sorry about any safety concerns.

    Plus, your car will look better, and the windows will look newer.