A wet suit is extremely important for a diver in order to be safe while he is in water. Immersion in water can also lead to severe injuries at times. Diving and swimming are aggressive and in order to be safe, the gear has to be reliable. Wet suits were designed to cater to all these needs of divers so that they enjoy the sport and stay away from injuries at the same time. Wet suits can be of various types depending on the purpose. Different wet suits have different thicknesses and depending on the water you are going to be swimming in, the thickness will vary. Warm water diving usually requires thin wet suits and cold water diving requires very thick suits.

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Types Of Wet Suits

Here are the different types of wet suits and the uses of each:

  • The Open Pore

This is the main concept behind today’s wet suits. These wetsuits are made from neoprene and act like second skin to the swimmer. This suit does not absorb water at all because the neoprene foam bubbles are never connected to each other.

  • The Dry Suits

These suits are ideally worn by marine engineers who work in the deeper areas of water. The temperature in deep waters is usually very low. When engineers dive deep into the highly polluted environments of the waters too, this kind of wet suit comes handy because the level of protection it provides is very high.

  • The Semi-Dry Suits

You should always buy properly fitting semi-dry wetsuits because loose fitting ones can allow water to seep through. They are not as efficient as the dry ones. However, there are protective gaskets which come very handy. Adequately fitting suits provide excellent insulation.

  • The Wet Suits

These include Scuba wet suits, triathlon wet suits and also wet suits that are worn by hunters. These wet suits are ideal because they prevent hypothermia. In addition, they provide protection so that the divers and athletes don’t face any injuries during their competitions and events. These wet suits are usually preferred over dry suits because even if they are damaged they don’t lose their insulation properties.

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More benefits offered by wet suits include protection from the sun’s harmful UV radiations and hard water falls, injuries in the water, among others. They also provide comfort when the right fit and quality is worn. Orca wetsuits are an example of great quality wetsuits. You can find various types of wetsuits based on age such as kids wet suits and wet suits for women.