Yellow contacts are used to alter or enrich the natural eye color. The use of yellow eye contacts has developed into a fashion statement, whose purpose is to change the normal appearance of a person. Being a bright color, yellow reflects light, making it an excessive stimulant to our sense of sight. Yellow is also the most visible color and thus tends to be noticed first. Aside from being used as a beauty enhancer, yellow colored contacts are used more often because they can easily be distinguished from a distance. Although there are people who consider it an irritating color, yellow signifies a good tempered personality. It is therefore preferred by many people than other types of colored contact lenses.

must try yellow colored contacts

When you consider buying yellow contacts, you may already have your own reason for choosing it. It could also be that you have not decided on anything yet but prefer the color yellow over other colors.

Luckily, there are many styles that are available so you can easily get your exact preference. Here are some of the options that are available as well as some information on each.

Types Of Yellow Contacts

  • Yellow Cat Eye Contacts

custom yellow cat eye contacts

You can have the perfect feline look, just like the famous cats from Broadway, with awesome yellow cat eye contact lenses. They look like the natural eyes of a cat, making them perfect for a feline costume.

  • Yellow Angelic Contacts

Angelic yellow contacts could be utilized for a variety of purpose. Because of its vibrant color and clarity, you can easily dress yourself as an angel or other kinds of mystical creature.

  • Smiley Face Yellow Contacts

You do not have to verbally tell everybody to have a nice day if you are wearing yellow smiley face contact lenses. This type of yellow contacts is perfect for less serious occasions. If you wish you could even put them on for Halloween with a scary clown costume to match. Whatever purpose or reason you may have, smiley face contact lenses are perfect for telling everybody that you are not just silly but also quite crazy as well.

  • Glowing Yellow Contacts

cute yellow eye contacts

Glowing yellow contact lenses are some of the most favorites because they provide that extra chill factor. The contact lenses glow in black lights so if you are going to a costume party that is decorated with black lights, you will be the rave of the event. Nobody could top your glowing yellow eyes and thus, hardly need to concentrate on the best costume that will best go along with your contacts. However, if you do, it will make you much freakier.

  • Sclera Yellow Contacts

If you want to look like a demented or sick individual, or want to have that perfect zombie look, you should check out sclera yellow contact lenses. The sclera is the white part of your eyes and if they appear yellow in real life, you need to have yourself checked by the doctor, as you most probably have a serious disease. Thus, sclera yellow contacts are perfect if you want to look like a zombie or a sick creature.

fashionable yellow contacts

These are most of the types of yellow contacts available. Other variations and designs may exist depending on the manufacturer.