Shoppers can choose from different types of washing machines available in appliance centers. These classifications are based on the orientation of opening or the features and technology used. Those who live in a small apartment might want to purchase a compact washer that comes with the ideal size and reliable features. Others opt to buy a portable washer for efficiency and convenience. Read along and learn about the different types of washing machines.

Reliable Compact Washer

Top Load and Front Load Washers

A top-loading washer comes in two types, which may use the conventional or advanced technology. The conventional top-load washer features a vertical drum used for loading clothes. It also has an agitator in the middle portion of the washer’s interior. On the other hand, the advanced type of top-load washer uses the technology in front loaders. Those who opt for a cheap washer purchase a top-load washing machine because of low maintenance and cost-effective features.

Front loading washing machines come with a horizontal drum without any agitator. Instead of an agitator, gravity allows the tumbling of clothes. Some types of washing machines with front-load style have a wash plate for turning the clothes inside the washer. Most consumers prefer the front load washer because of great efficiency. In addition, these washers are gentle on clothes because there are no agitators.

Features In Various Types of Washing Machines

Portable washing machines are useful to those who live in areas with small floor space. They can use these portable washers in their RV because of easy installation and maintenance.

  • Portable Washers

A portable washer is available in two types such as a single tub or twin tub. A single tub washer may have a wash and rinse feature, while there are also single tubs that spin excess water out of the laundry. Washers with twin tubs have two sections where laundry is washed before it is moved to the other section for rinsing and spinning purposes.

The spin function is an important consideration among those who plan to purchase washers. For the RV or small apartment, a washer with spin functions is ideal, particularly when there are no other washers. However, those who want to purchase another small washer may use the spinning function in the main machine.

  • Automatic Washer

Washers may also be fully automatic or semi-automatic, depending on the technology used in these types of washing machines. Those with fully automatic features require users to put the clothes in, and the machine handles the cleaning and drying functions.

  • Semi-Automatic Washer

A semi-automatic washer requires human control when adding or draining water from the machine. Semi-automatic washers offer the same durability of fully automatic machines because of the high-quality plastic material. There is also a spin-dry option or cycle that allows clothes to dry quicker. Moreover, the agitator has the ideal motion that results to cleaner clothes, as compared to hand-washed laundry.

Selecting Among the Types of Washing Machines

Before consumers plan to purchase a washing machine, they should consider the functions and features that they need. They will find the ideal appliance for their home after they have compared the various features in many types of washing machines.