Sports team uniforms are very important since they help to avoid confusion as two teams play against each other. Each team uniform has to be unique for easy identification by the sports officials as well as the fans. Here are the various sports uniforms that are most popular all over the globe.

Soccer Uniforms

As the name suggest this uniforms are worn by soccer players as they participate in various tournaments. Most of them are customized so as to include certain aspects of the team such as logo and colors. The complete set includes;

  • Shirts
  • warm up gear
  • socks
  • foot padding

The socks can be made from a number of quality materials such as nylon, acrylic, lycra and polypropylene. Most of the warm-up gear uniforms include sweat pants with an open bottom, a windbreaker or hooded jackets.

authentic well-designed youth basketball uniform

Baseball Uniforms

These sports team uniforms can be made from a wide range of materials such as spandex, polyester, poly, speed-dry, double knit and warp knit. The selection of the fabric is based on its durability and comfort. For Example, the selected fabric has to be able to withstand all types of environmental conditions such as heavy downpour. For comfort, the uniforms fabric need to the blended with spandex. On the other hand, if you prefer sturdiness, the mesh clothing should be woven together with some top quality fabrics that can withstand a great deal of pressure.

Swimming Sports Uniforms

Most of these uniforms are made from fabrics such as lycra, spandex or polyester due to the fact that they exhibit good stretching properties. Research shows that swimming uniforms made from polyester have enhanced capabilities to maintain the fabrics’ color and general appearance.

Basketball Uniforms

The large number of people who enjoy watching basketball games is a true reflection that this sport has gained a lot of recognition all over the world. One of the factors considered when designing basketball sports team uniforms such as the Lakers jersey is the ability of the material to regulate the player’s body temperature. Materials with quality moisture management capabilities are the best. Basketball men team uniform usually comprise of shorts that are approximately 9-11 inches in length. Women’s uniforms on the other hand comprises of a racer back cut vests and shorts whose length ranges between 6-9 inches. These measurements vary depending on the height and body size of a player.

green custom basketball uniform

Wrestling Uniform

This sports team uniforms material has to be very study and flexible so as to withstand pressure. These uniforms may be in form of two-pieces or singlet. The Gripper leg singlet is very common among most professional wrestlers. Two-piece uniforms may comprise of sleeved body hugging tops and matching fitted shorts.

In order to ensure that the sports team uniforms are perfect for the team members, it’s wise to take measurements of each player before purchasing a particular set of uniform. The material selected should be skin friendly so as to enhance comfort and foster great performance of the players.