Many types of luggage are available in various materials and styles, and each type is designed for a particular purpose. Those who need to leave for a long or short trip can choose from different luggage type sold in the market. For instance, they can try to use Eminent Luggage that comes in a wide range of sizes and style. Other brands also offer outstanding benefits that appeal to those who look for the best luggage for their trip. Read along and learn about the many types of luggage, as well as some efficient packing tips.

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Types Of Luggage

  • Garment bags

These are useful for carrying longer clothes such as evening gowns, dresses, and business suits. The bags come with hangers for placing garments to prevent wrinkles that occur when folding clothes. This type of baggage is practical for businesspersons or individuals who will attend formal events, as it can prevent their clothes from creasing. Garment bags may be bi-fold, tri-fold, rolling, or non-rolling.

  • Wheeled uprights

Wheeled upright are one of the most popular types of luggage that comes with two or four wheels and a retractable handle. This luggage type may have a small or very large size. Carry-ons are ideal for short trips, and these bags are usually 18 to 22 inches in length. On the other hand, large wheeled uprights are excellent for long trips because of the spacious interior.

  • Backpacks

Two types of backpacks include the casual style for carrying personal items, and business backpack that is useful for laptops and documents. Large backpacks are called rucksacks, and these are casual luggage type used by backpackers. Instead of a briefcase, a business backpack may be the ideal choice because of convenience in bringing the luggage.

  • Duffel bags

A duffel bag has a cylindrical shape and a zipper closure. It is typically made of canvas, leather, or nylon. This is the best bag to bring on the gym or for a camping trip because of the big space. Travelers also opt to use a duffel bag, particularly those that come with wheels and handle.

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Comparison Of The Different Luggage Types

Wheeled uprights and duffel bags are similar in some ways, particularly when the latter has several features such as a handle and wheels. These types of luggage also vary in length and size, which make these ideal to bring in short or long trips.

Backpacks and garment bags may have some similarity when it comes to the limited space, since both can only contain a few clothes. There are also backpacks that come with a retractable handle and wheels, which maybe similar to rolling garment bags.

Tips On Packing For A Trip

  • Place valuable items in interior pockets of the luggage. It would also be better to place important items such as the passport, ID’s, and wallet in one location, so individuals will not have difficulty in searching for these.
  • Have a few plastic bags inside the bag, as these will come in handy for keeping dirty clothes, garbage, or a makeshift umbrella.
  • Determine the number of clothes needed for the trip. It is ideal to pack quick-dry clothes that individuals can wash and dry easily during the trip.

Now that you have ample ideas about the types of luggage, pick the ones that suit your needs when you travel.