Home bar accessories come in all different shapes and sizes. What most commercial bar owners do is come to a decision about the overall bar theme they will employ. This will dictate the design colors, layout of the bar, the different accents scattered into the design, and the lighting. The proper collection of bar accessories for the home user is different. Since the general public will not be privy to the design, the homeowner has more leeway in the furniture and accessories they use. They can select from traditional, contemporary or a combination of both for the designs and accessories to create the desired overall theme.

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Home Bar Accessories

You will find several distinct and common pieces of accessories in a bar.

  • Liquor/Wine Bottle Lock – Allows for unconsumed bottled alcoholic drinks to be locked retaining the flavor.
  • Bar Spoons – A specialized spoon used for mixing drinks.
  • Shot Glasses – These glasses serves distinct purposes for hard types of alcohol drinks like vodka, whiskey among others. They come in different sizes and shapes depending on their use.
  • Bottle And Wine Openers – These are very handy pieces of home bar accessories which allow you to open most types of beverages and alcoholic drinks.
  • Cork Retrievers – a very useful bar accessory which allow cork to be taken out of the bottle when accidentally pushed in.
  • Cocktail Shakers – These types of home bar accessories are designated to mix cocktails and spirits.

There are numerous other types of home bar accessories that are also essential for commercial bars though normally they have more complicated types of accessories that meet the demand of a hectic environment.

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Decorating Tips

There are some guidelines to keep in mind for your project to go well. You will need to consider the following:

  • Maintain A Theme

If you’re going to shop for your bar decor items, you’ll want to use an overall theme. Keep strict to your theme because mismatched elements will simply make your bar look amateur and confuse your customers.

  • Consider The Foot Traffic

When designing the floor plan, think about the natural flow of customers. If you cram too many furniture items on the floor, you will hinder the social element of a bar design.

  • Keep Cleaning In Mind

Make sure you pick fabrics, surfaces, and design accents for your bar decor project that clean easily. If you use items that simply require a quick wipe down, then it will be easy for your waitstaff (or you as a homeowner) to partake in daily routine cleaning.

Keeping these tips in mind will help you create a bar that is more conducive for guests or patrons to mingle.