Gatorade products are sports themed beverage and food that are popular all over the world. At present, the brand is manufactured by Pepsi Cola and distributed all over the world in more than eighty countries. Gatorade was first made in 1965 by University of Florida researchers. It was created to replenish what the body loses during a prolonged and intense physical activity like electrolytes, carbohydrates and water. The name Gatorade was taken from the nickname ascribed to the athletic teams of the university which is “The Gators”.

Originally, Gatorade products were marketed and produced by Stokely-Van Camp but it was bought by Quaker Oats in 1983. This company was later purchased by Pepsi Cola in 2001. As of the year 2010, Gatorade is the fourth biggest brand of the company in terms of yearly retail sales worldwide. It provides direct competition to Lucozade sports in the UK and Vitaminwater and Powerade marketed by Coca Cola worldwide. Inside the US, Gatorade has around 75 percent share of the total sports drink market.

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Types Of Gatorade Products

Here are the Gatorade products that are available on the market:

  • Gatorade Thirst Quencher

This is the product line that made the brand famous during its early years. The thirst quencher is produced in powder and liquid forms with two flavors, which are orange and lemon-lime. For almost 20 years, these are the only flavors available for Gatorade. In 1983, the fruit punch flavor was added while the Citrus Cooler was introduced in 1988. This flavor became very popular mainly because of Michael Jordan, who stated at the height of his career in the NBA, that it is his favorite flavor. Starting in 1991, the statement appeared in the product packaging. The thirst quencher also popularized the Gatorade cooler.

  • Gator Gum

This is a brand of chewing gum that was produced starting in the late seventies. The gum is manufactured by Fleer Corporation and is available in orange and lemon-lime flavors.

  • Gatorade Frost

This product was launched by the company in January 1997 with the aim of widening the appeal of the brand. Initially, there were three flavors that were available namely Glacier Freeze, Whitewater Splash and Alpine Snow.

  • Gatorade Energy Bar

This is one of the first Gatorade products in the solid food category. It was introduced in the market to compete with Clif Bar and PowerBar. The energy bars contain large amount of protein and carbohydrates. Each bar is mainly made up of corn syrup and puffed grains, which are common ingredients of other energy bar products.

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These are just some of the products manufactured by the company.