Jackets come in a variety of designs and material. The fabric used in the jacket affects the overall look and comfort of the outfit. For instance, a flannel jacket comes with a soft fabric that provides warmth during the cold weather. There are also waterproof jackets that provide outstanding protection from the rain and snow. Those who want a light and comfortable jacket may wear cardigans made from wool or cotton. These are among the different types of fabric used in making jackets.

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Common Fabrics Used in Jackets

1) Gabardine

  • This fabric is thick and heavy, and it is used in making trench coats.
  • Gabardine is the ideal fabric to use in jackets that can provide comfort and warmth when the climate is cool.
  • However, the fabric is not waterproof, and it does not resist abrasions.

2) Denim

  • Bray denim is the excellent fabric in making denim jackets.
  • The material is sturdy, yet comfortable to wear.
  • There are different colors of denim such as blue and black.
  • Moreover, it is easy to accessorize the fabric by stitching details and studs that will give the jacket a fabulous appearance.
  • Denims exude a western, cowboy look that many people find appealing.

3) Gwillym

  • The fabric is made from woven wool that is slightly loose.
  • Gwillym is a soft fabric that offers durability and sturdiness.
  • Despite the softness of the fabric, it does not drape or hang loosely.
  • This is the best fabric in making casual blazers with little details.
  • The interesting design or pattern of the fabric adds an exciting appeal to the jacket.

4) Dunbar

  • Dunbar is a combination of silk and wool.
  • This light fabric is suitable in making formal jackets and blazers. Many people prefer the fabric because of comfort that it brings.
  • It is also easy to cut and style the fabric, or to add details to the pockets and collar of a jacket made from Dunbar.

5) Tribeca

  • Tribeca is an outstanding fabric in making cardigans with a soft and draping look.
  • It is made from rayon chenille, and it is great for jacket styles with a feminine appeal.
  • The fabric comes in exquisite patterns that give the outfit a sophisticated look.
  • Jackets made from Tribeca are perfect for formal or casual attire, depending on the cut and style.

6) Flannel

  • Many people prefer flannel because of comfort that the fabric provides.
  • It is made up of cotton that allows people to have a relaxed and laid-back feeling.
  • Many flannel jackets are available in plaid designs for a country look.
  • There are also several other jackets made from flannel with a variety of designs that appeal to people of all ages.

7) Nylon

  • Most varsity jackets are made from nylon with polyester.
  • The material has a very smooth texture and a shiny appearance.
  • Nylon is not prone to wrinkling, and it has quick-dry quality.
  • However, jackets made from nylon have a casual appeal that is not suitable for formal events.

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These are among the different types of fabric used in making jackets. Each fabric comes with unique features and benefits, and it is necessary for people to use the best fabric for the jacket that will suit their style.