There are numerous types and dimensions of computer cables. Choosing the right wire can be challenging at times. These computer cables can be used for computer ports exclusively, or can be used for other electronic gadgets. This is a comprehensive guide to help you learn more about these wires and how to use those properly.

high standard usb cableTypes Of Computer Cables

  • USB Computer Cables, USB Connectors
    Possibly the commonest wire type today and they are invariably used in plug n play devices. The acronym refers to Universal Serial Bus. USB connectors are rectangular and there is USB-A mark on the connectors. The adaptors are classified into three major types: Standard USB, Mini USB and Micro USB. Non-USB cables can also enter into these ports with the help of universal converters.
    These connectors help fast data transfer regardless of the data type or format. These cables need special ports to plug-in and don’t need additional installation procedure at all. These cables are used in mouse, keyboard, portable memory drives, webcams, printers, speakers and anything else that can be simply plugged in and ready to work.
  • Audio Computer Cables, Audio Connectors
    • Common audio connectors can be listed as 2.1 – 3.5 audio jacks and Digital optical audio. These are also known as TSR connectors. Different sizes are available, but the 3.5 mm jacks (aka mini audio jack) are the commonest one.
    • Digital optical audio is used in high end electronic devices such as DVD players, home theatres and HD audio devices. The connectors refer to a specific type known as TOSLINK or S/PDIF. In this audio transferring mechanism, sound is converted into light and sent in between the devices. Some devices come with mini jack that can also be converted with a converter.

These audio devices are exclusively used for audio transferring. They are most focused to the audiovisual operations. Voice commands, audio conversion and integration with other devices are some other utilities of the audio ports.

  • Video Computer Cables And Video Connectors
    VGA, DVI monitor port and S-Video are some common video connectors. These are used in high definition TV and media devices. VGA connectors come with fifteen pins. Some customized video connectors may be used to connect laptops with TV or multimedia projector. You can use convertor to connect the VGA monitor with HDMI and DVI signaling source. DVI connectors have 29 pins and mostly integrated in sleek laptops as mini ports. S video cables carry analog signals to digital media devices.
    Some other audiovisual connectors are RCA cables, HDMI connectors and Displayport. These connectors are used to carry audiovisual data simultaneously.
    These video connectors and audiovisual connectors are high capacity connectors that can transfer huge amount of data in audio, video or audiovisuals fast.
  • Data Cables And Connectors
    Some popular data connectors are Firewire IEEE 1394, SCSI cable and eSATA cables. These are designed for basic data transfers and most digital devices need these cables to connect ROM and RAM devices. They come with 6 or 4 pins.
    Connecting the memory devices (ROM and RAM), transferring basic ASCII or Unicode data and transferring data between two or more devices.

newest firewire cable

There are also networking cables, ethernet cables and router cables to help connect devices and transfer data in different forms. It’s important to learn about the basic types of the computer cables if you are suffering from connectivity issues in your computer or other digital devices.