Cheerleading duffle bags are specially made bags for cheerleaders to carry their cheerleading equipment every time they go on tour or even when they are transporting the equipment to school or home. Cheer bags come in different types and shapes. The difference between cheer and other bags is the fact that these bags come with a lot of pockets on the outside for easier organization and access to items. It is important to have some knowledge about them so that you can have an easy time in the selection. Below are several types of the cheerleading duffle bags.

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Types Of Cheerleading Duffle Bags

  • The Rolling Cheerleading Duffle Bags

These are cheer bags with small wheels at the bottom. This is especially ideal if you are carrying a lot of equipment as it makes transportation much more convenient. These bags have two wheels and a telescopic handle; all you have to do is let out the handle and pull the bag. These bags are also referred to as upright duffels. These bags are created with support bars on the side to enhance the shape of the bag and to add to the durability of the bag.

  • The Light Weight Cheerleading Duffle Bags

These are the bags that are made using lightweight material; this makes them very suitable for travelling. They are ideal when going to the gym or when carrying just a few of your cheerleading equipment to a destination. It is not recommended to carry heavy cheerleading equipment with this bag.

  • Expandable Cheerleading Duffle Bags

These are the bags that have been created with the ability to expand. This is especially ideal if you plan on carrying a lot of items maybe when going on tour or to a championship game. It can also be minimized for the gym. These bags are great as you can carry souvenirs from places you visit during championship games or sports events.

  • The Sling Cheer Bags

This is a stylish looking duffle bag for cheerleaders. They have a single strap which is placed across the chest while carrying. They have multiple pockets, but can only be used to carry a few items as it does not have too much space.

  • Deluxe Cheerleading Bags

They are named deluxe because of the material used to make them and the number of extra compartments they have. These compartments are specially made to carry shoes, water bottles, and other things. While these bags are expensive, they last longer than most cheer bags, you can get a discount when they are bought in bulk and they are of high quality.

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There are many cheerleading duffle bags you can choose from. They vary from the most basic to designer ones. All you have to do is evaluate what you need the cheer bag for. Always ensure that your cheer bag is convenient for you every time you have it. You should at least own a few of them for different occasions. You can have one for the gym, one for cheer practice and one for travelling.