Cheap blazers are essential pieces in anyone’s wardrobe because of the variety of functions that they can play as part of fashionable clothing. These blazers can be worn by men, women and even children to be able to bring out their fashion sense and help complete an outfit as well. They are also available in various styles, colors and designs to be able to complement majority of the outfits that are worn by people around the world.

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Cheap Blazers For Men

Cheap blazers that are worn by men may sometimes be considered “too dressy” but this might not be the case for those who are consistently wearing suits. These blazers are available in different styles, with the most common ones being either two or three button blazers. Cheap blazers for men can also be selected according to the type of material which may be corduroy, velvet, linen among others that are available in a variety of colors. The most popular brands for men’s blazers include Nordstrom, Brooks Brothers among others.

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Cheap Blazers For Women

Women also can enhance their fashion style by wearing cheap blazers that have been inspired by the men’s blazers. However, to bring in a feminine touch the blazers are made in bold colors as well as prints that give a refreshing look to the classic styles. The common styles of cheap blazers for women can either have buttons or not with the emphasis being on the slim but masculine shape that they help accentuate in the body. Furthermore, the sleeves of these cheap blazers can also have different length sleeves which can be long or reach just under the elbow. Some of the blazer brands that are worn by women include Diesel, Alexander McQueen, Elizabeth and James among others.

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Cheap Blazers For Juniors

Teenagers are not left behind in the cheap blazers fashion trends with many of them wearing them as part of their outfits as well. These blazers are definitely more daring in terms of style as well as color because of the outgoing nature of most youth. In addition, the cheap blazers for juniors are designed in such a way that they incorporate two or three buttons to give them a complete look. Brands that produce blazers for juniors include Forever21, Nordstrom, Wet Seal and Abercrombie Kids among others.

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Wearing Tips

Apart from selecting the right blazer in terms of style for a man, woman or junior it is important to consider some tips on how they should be worn which include:

  • Cheap blazers must fit the shoulders well, which means that they should not droop over but should end on top of the arm.
  • The cuff of the blazer should stay above the wrist, especially when the arm is placed at a right angle.
  • The blazer should be able to button up well so that a “V” effect is clearly seen to bring out the upper torso. However, even though torsos may differ their effect should be close enough to that of a “V”.

Take note of the tips above to project a more respectable stance.