What are the advantages of hex key tools? The hex key tools that’s together form the Allen wrench set, are a set of six-sided tools that are used to drive screws and bolts, which have a special design to fit these keys. They derive their popular name from their six-sided shape, and from the company that manufactures them; the Allen Company in Connecticut.

advantages of hex key tools

Who Needs To Use The Hex Keys?

Due to their unique shape and size, the application of these hex keys is highly specific. This is one of the ways in which they differ with other types of tools for this kind of job. The hex keys are only functional in situations where:

  • The bolt to be fastened or loosened is hex key. This is the kind that has a six-sided kind of hole.
  • The situation allows for the use of only such bolt, and not any other.
  • The materials to be used, say in the construction, inform the type of bolt to be used
  • Is the bolt required to go through other material making it hard to fasten it on the sides? If so, hex bolt is recommended.
  • Is the bolt too small that most standard wrenches wouldn’t fit?
  • Then, if the fastening bolt needs to be in flush with other material around it, then look no further than the hex bolt

allen wrench set

Advantages Of Hex Key Tools

What are the benefits of hex key tools over other tools that are used for the same purpose of fastening and loosening of bolts and nuts? Here are some of the common ones.

  • Due to their availability even in extremely small sizes means they can be used even in situations where the bolts to be used are too small to be handled with normal wrenches.
  • Allen keys also have ball-ends for precision
  • Its six contact points also ensure a tight grip and allows for effective screw turning
  • Versatility of the Allen keys is unmatched as they can be used with various types of screws and bolts. For instance, the recessed screw heads is protected from external damage.
  • They are cheaper than their ordinary counterparts.
  • Due to their sheer small size, they are easily carried in tool kits even on bicycles.
  • The Allen keys, as to their availability? You can be sure to get them in most local hardware stores.

Conclusion On The Advantages Of Hex Key Tools

The Allen key set features the various sizes of these handy keys. With their distinct L-shape, they are anyone’s choice for working even on constricted spaces such as between pieces of furniture or car part.

Once securely put in place, you turn the clockwise or anticlockwise using a lever, depending on whether you want to fasten or loosen. One final thing about the hex keys, the hex bolts and their advantage is that you can safely use them in the situations that require a little more security. Since, it takes nothing less than the appropriate Allen key to loosen a fastened hex bolt.