In general, brown suede boots come in laced, zipper, pull-on, fur-trimmed, or motorcycle models. Mostly, suede boots are for fashion conscious women. Womens brown suede boots are available in different styles and designs: high-heeled or flat; and knee-high or ankle high. The knee-high dark brown suede boots are worn with tight jeans, fitted top, and a leather jacket; while ankle-high brown suede boots can be worn with mini skirt or shorts. You can also find tall brown suede boots that come with over-the-knee height and are well suited for tall women.

Trendy Tall Brown Suede Boots

Caring For Brown Suede Boots

  • Suede boots have open pores; hence, they absorb water on a rainy day. Protect the brown suede boots with water-repelling product.
  • Store them in dark places away from sunlight, as the sun can fade the color of the brown suede boots.
  • Even if the boots are already water-proofed, still, try not to wear them on a rainy day. If you cannot avoid it, use silicon spray to protect them. Let the spray dry and wipe with a soft cloth.


Cool Womens Brown Suede Boots

How To Clean Brown Suede Boots

  • Apply suede cleaner to clean the suede boots. 
    • If your boots are dry, apply the cleaner evenly and leave it to dry.
    • Use a suede cleaning bar to remove dirt.
    • Spray the suede cleaner onto the brown suede boots and wipe excess cleaner with a soft cloth.
    • Brush the boots using a suede brush.


Discover Womens Brown Suede Boots

  • Apply a water-repelling compound. 
    • Remove stains on suede boots.
    • Use a pencil eraser for mud stain and rub gently to remove the stain.
    • If the stain is oil, apply talcum powder. Let it dry and then use suede brush to remove the stain.
    • For salt stains, use undiluted vinegar oil. Rub it on the brown suede boots with a soft cloth to remove the stain.
    • For water stains, let the brown suede boots dry and use white vinegar and rub it gently on the stain. Apply suede conditioner and water-proof spray on it.
  • Re-dye faded brown suede boots.
    • Clean the boots using suede cleaner and let them dry completely.
    • Use suede restorer to restore the dye, if you have dyed them before.
    • If not, apply the dye evenly by using spray. For better, results apply twice.
    • Use a soft cloth and remove the excess dye.


Womens Dark Brown Suede Boots

Things To Avoid When Handling Suede Boots

Finally, to make sure that you preserve your brown suede boots, here are some points you should not do.

  • Don’t dry them using a heater as it will cause the boots to become hard and eventually they will crack.
  • Some stones are used to clean the brown suede boots. Don’t use them unless you test it on other suede materials first.
  • Don’t just buy any water-repelling product. Buy one that lets suede boots breathe.
  • If the brown suede boots are totally soaked in water, don’t clean them at home. Take them to an expert suede cleaner.
  • Don’t apply vinegar without doing a patch test first.

Brown suede boots are not really that difficult to maintain, so long as you take extra care in using and storing them. Plus, by following the above tips, you are sure to enjoy your suede boots for a long time.