When we hear the words Vanity Fair, the first things that come into mind would be vanity and fashion. 2 words that greatly describe what Vanity Fair bras are all about. A combination of fashion, vanity, sophistication, comfort, and elegance mixed into one, these undergarments are considered gems of the underclothing world. For many years now, they have not only provided us with fashion tips, they have also assisted in the pursuit of intimates. And with the varying needs of different figured women now arising to the surface when it comes to undergarments, Vanity Fair has promptly responded and have came up with a wide assembly of options and collections that are sure to suit your needs for comfort and support without compromising the quality and elegance that every bra should imbue.

lifted vanity fair bras

Vanity Fair bras have not only come up with designs for petite and average sized women. Aware of the needs of everybody, they also have Vanity Fair bras full figure, like Vanity Fair Beautiful Elements Contour Back Smoother bra and Vanity Fair Body Superior Support Contour Bra, bras that are specially made for full-figured women. The VF Contour Back smoother bra is an underwire brassiere with well-shaped, contoured, and seamless cups. It gives a lineless, smooth look and reduces the appearance of bulges at the back. While another Vanity Fair bras bestseller would be the VF Support Contour bra that offers an excellent underwire support that provides added bottom support. It also features light-padded, contoured bra cups with a plunged front that is a great pair for today’s low cut clothing styles.

They also offer bras that are well-suited for different activities like the Vanity Fair racerback bra like, Vanity Fair Women’s Body Elegance Full Figure Racerback Bra. This bra has a front clasp that makes it easier to put on. Bras with large cups might be an uncomfortable thing, but with this one, you are sure to have a good time since its cups are sure to fit any clothing styles and designs. Providing both comfort and support with a touch of elegance and convenience, Vanity Fair bras are truly must haves for any plus sized women’s wardrobe.

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So hurry, take a pick from their wide selection of intimate apparel and lingerie collection in their Vanity Fair bras outlets in leading malls and shops nationwide. Indulge in the simplicity, elegance, and comfort that only the fashionable and innovative Vanity Fair bras can offer you. Absolute staples you must have in your undergarment collection.