It always recommended that you have your eyelash dyed at a professional salon.  But it you are tight on budget, you can cut on your beauty expenses by buying do it yourself eyelash tint kits that you can purchase on most drugstores or online shops. If you decide to use DIY eyelash tinting kits, here is a quick guide.

helpful advice on eyelash dye

Useful Tips

  • Manage Your Expectations
    Do you really need an eyelash tint? This is the first thing that you need to ask yourself. Women who have light colored lashes often want to make their eyelashes black to add more drama to their look. Unlike mascara, eyelash dye will not curl or make your lashes thicker. What it does is to simply make your lashes black. Eyelashes tinted black can make your lashes appear longer.
  • Select The Right Eyelash Dye
    There are two basic colors that you can pick- black or brown. Choose a color depending on your eye color and your preference. If you want a more natural look, you can go with brown and pick black if you want more dramatic eyes. Make sure you check the product for toxic materials and buy only those that use vegetable-dyes or natural ingredients.
  • Create The Eyelash Dye
    Squeeze out the dye in a clean tray. Add a few drops of the activating solution that comes with the kit and mix until it thickens. The mixture should be heavy enough to stick to the applicator wand.
  • Applying Eyelash Dye
    Prepare your eyes by putting Vaseline around your eye area. This will serve as a dye barrier so that the dye won’t get to your skin. You can also use paper shields. Get the mixture using an applicator and apply it to your eyelashes like how you use a mascara. Get to the roots as far as you can and be careful not to get any product to your eyes, as it will sting. Make sure that you coat both sides of your lashes, the bottom and upper side. Wait for about 5 to 10 minutes before you wash of the eyelash dye.

dazzling effect on eyelash tinting

Once done, you will have blacker lashes for about a month without putting mascara every day. This is a no-maintenance answer to people who want black eyelashes without going through the hassle of mascara application. A word of advice, make sure that you read package instructions before using any DIY kits. Read tips and warnings all the time and be careful not to get any dye product to your skin or eyes.