So what exactly makes the scrub pants popular? If your answer is because of the comfort they provide to the wearer, then you got it right. But aside from comfort, there are still more uses of scrub pants. They can be worn on any occasion and styled any way you like, regardless of which age group you belong to.

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Nowadays, the uses of scrub pants are not only limited to the medical field. And because their styles have evolved greatly, anyone can wear them on a daily basis, wherever they want to. If you look at the scrubs available today, you’ll be amazed to see that stylish innovations have been adopted by the scrub pants. These styles include the drawstring, cargo, and skinny style.

Aside from style, different fabrics like poplin, cotton, and polyester are now widely used to give better comfort and fit to the user. The material used also depends on the intended uses of scrub pants. One of the most notable advancements in scrub pants is the anti-microbial versions, aside from the green and eco-friendly type, of course.

Today, more and more people love the scrub pants. And with continuous developments on their style and material, it won’t be surprising to see more individuals wearing them on the streets in the future. Some of the trusted brands of scrub pants are Barco, Cherokee, and Koi Scrub Pants.

Tips On Choosing The Right Scrub Pants

Choosing the right scrub pants may be a challenging task, especially with numerous choices in styles, cuts, and features around. But with proper understanding of the information and tips below, selecting the right pair for you can be a breeze.

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  • Waist Closure
    Typically, scrub pants have a drawstring closure which you can loosen or tighten to fit perfectly on your waist. You may choose this kind of closure if tying is not an issue for you. But if it is, then you could opt for scrub pants with an elastic waistband instead. There are also scrub pants that have button closures and those that allow you to wear a belt. No matter what type of closure you choose, always remember to go for the one you are most comfortable with.
  • Waist Height
    Scrub pants for men and women were traditionally high-waisted. Now, there are other choices available for you to choose from. These options include the regular waist height, boxer type, and low-rise pants. Among these choices, the low-rise pants are gaining more popularity today. This is probably because it looks more stylish than other designs. However, because you need to move and stretch all day, you should choose the one that is professional-looking and provides enough coverage at work.
  • Leg Style
    Most scrub pants come with a straight leg design. But if you aim for a more fashionable look, you could go for the pair with flare legs. If it is always cold on your workplace, you could also consider buying scrub pants with cuffs on the end. This will not only keep your legs warm, but will also keep any liquid from spattering down your legs. The one to choose will depend also on the intended uses of scrub pants that you’ll be buying.

There you have the buying tips and uses of scrub pants. Aside from the tips given above, do not forget that you could also show your style, even if you only wear it as a uniform. You don’t have to limit yourself to a boxlike style; instead, you should go for more fashionable designs. Just remember that they should not only look trendy, but professional enough for work as well.