Since the early 1990s, high-intensity discharge (HID) bulbs have grown in popularity and replaced incandescent and even fluorescent light bulbs for many uses. Because of this, there has been a massive surge in the popularity of HID light kits for a variety of uses. They can even be used for your vehicle or your home.

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HID Light Kits for Your Vehicle

  • The reason for the increased popularity of HID bulbs for vehicles is due to their high intensity and low temperature output compared to incandescent bulbs. Thus, you can find that HID Fog light kits now dominate the fog light market, as only HID bulbs produce enough lumens per watt to cut through thick fog.
  • In fact, these light kits can be found for a variety of vehicles. If you have an off-road vehicle like an ATV, there are custom ATV HID light kits you can buy for your vehicle.

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  • Some cyclists and motorcyclists use this type of lights because they greatly increase their visibility when they’re on the road.
  • For enthusiasts, there are special HID lights with filters so you can have custom lights on your car, but always check local laws and regulations, as there are often restrictions on vehicle light modifications.

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HID Light Kits for Your Home

  • Because of the high intensity and lower operating temperature of HID bulbs, they’ve made their way into the home as well. Many outdoor area light fixtures use HID bulbs now, such as motion sensing security lights or large area floodlights.
  • It’s no surprise that even in public areas such as schools, parking lots, and roads, HID light kits are used for the security reasons.
  • But HID lights aren’t just used outdoors, either. Many have found their way indoors as well. Indoor gardeners are more than familiar with HID grow lights to grow their fruits, vegetables, and herbs. If you want to grow plants indoors, the best lights to use are HID lights. The reason for this is because HID bulbs give off light that is at the right level of intensity and at the right parts of the light spectrum for plant growth.

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2 Basic Varieties of HID Grow Lights

  • Metal Halide (MH): These lights are generally better for foliage plants or during vegetative phase of flowering plants.
  • High-Pressure Sodium (HPS): HPS lights are more appropriate for flowering and fruiting.

While you can grow some plants under fluorescent lights, the intensity is much too low for anything other than starting seedlings. This is why you need to carefully choose which HID Grow light kits you need. Having said that, you can now confidently purchase and use HID light kits whether you need them for your car of for your garden and front yard.