Epoxy resin is a polymer that is cured with heat such that the polymer undergoes chemical changes. These chemical changes render them resistant of all manipulations after heat curing. Epoxy resin may be used in various fields and for different purposes. They are used as sealants, adhesives, for lamination, for aircraft parts, for circuit boards, for hull materials, etc.

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Features and Uses

Epoxy resin is a mixture of bisphenol-A and epichlorohydrin. To this mixture, a hardening substance is added. Diamine is the most commonly used and when heat is supplied, the hardening is more efficient. This resin is so useful since it various beneficial properties such as heat resistance, low electric conductivity and water resistance. Here are some of the uses of epoxy resin.

  • These resins are highly useful in restoring car parts. Whether it is the plastic box that needs repair or the seat belt, you can use epoxy resin to do the trick for you. With an easy application method, you can do it smoothly and the car parts will seem as good as new.
  • History lovers see a lot of use of these resins. You can use epoxy resin as a teaching tool to come up with various creations. A tooth or a dinosaur’s leg can be crafted with ease provided you have the right mold. Also, children can use the resin for arts and crafts. It is easily available in hobby stores and crafts stores.
  • As aforementioned, it is a very strong adhesive and thus can be used for not just crafts but also for other projects like in big industries. Clear epoxy resin has the property of both sealing as well as giving the surface a nice coating. Hence, this is more often preferred.
  • Because of its resistance properties, epoxy resin is also used for painting and coating. This application of resins comes very handy when the area near the painted substance is close to flammable substances.
  • For sealing ceramic items, doors and windows, this resin is also useful. You can use epoxy resin for repairing a number of items right from the household to the boat. In homes, epoxy putty will be a reliable adhesive for filling spaces. In boats, marine epoxy resin is more often used. Fiberglass fused with the resin, known as fiberglass epoxy resin, is also an alternative. However, it was discovered that the latter has a few significant side effects.

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Knowing this wide application of epoxy resin will make you appreciate it more. If you are looking for reliable and durable hardening substance or sealant, don’t think twice in using epoxy resin.