The paddle brush is just one type of hair brush available. There are many benefits to using the paddle hair brush, but there are also a number of downsides. Before going out to buy one, it is important to consider all the pros and cons to make sure it is the right option for your needs.

The Pros of Using the Paddle Brush

  • The Pros of the Brush

The main benefit is the fact that this type of brush is great for most types of hairs, whether it is fine, thick or wavy. The brush is sturdy and easy to use. It also has a large paddle where the bristles are, which makes it easier to get knots out from the hair, no matter how thick those knots are.

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The brush is gentle on the knots so there is very little pain while trying to get knots out. This is something that many parents will opt to use on their children’s hair, since it is very hard to be gentle on the tangles on a morning.

Because of the size of the paddle part of the brush, the paddle brush is able to flatten out waves, and produce a straighter and flatter hair. This is perfect for those who want straight hair.

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This type of hair brush works extremely well with a straightening-iron and with a blow dryer.

  • The Cons of the Brush

One of the main issues with the paddle brush is when it comes to thick hair. Some of these brushes are made with soft bristles. While this offers the ability to be gentle while getting the tangles out, it does mean that it can be difficult to brush thick hair. Some styles will only go through the first layer of the hair and it is difficult to get to the middle.

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Another issue is with brushing out the waves or curly hair. This is a great thing for those who want straight hair but what about those who like their waves or want some curls? There are other types of hair brushes to help with this issue.

The size of the brush may be too big for those with shorter hair styles, especially the cropped hair. It is difficult to get underneath the shorter crops with the large size.

Makers of the Brushes

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There are many manufacturers of the paddle brush, so there are many different styles to choose from. The range of the Denman paddle brush is just one option available and is something that works for thin and thick hair. There are also different sizes, which are often suitable for long or short hair. Denman are one of the leading companies when it comes to this style of brush because they offer such a wide range at a reasonable price.

There is also the range of the Mason Pearson paddle brush. This manufacturer also creates a wide variety of options for all different styles of hair. The brushes have a cushioned padding where the bristles are, which also helps to massage the scalp as well as to untangle the knots easily.