The crescent wrench is a very common kind of adjustable wrench that can be found in many homes, along with allen wrenches. It is a wrench that has an adjustable end and comes in many crescent wrench sizes.

Most homes have the 1 ½ inch size, which is perfect for repairing all kinds of pipes or faucets around the house. A crescent wrench set can easily complete small or large projects at home. Each wrench is designated by its length so a 12 crescent wrench is a foot long. Its ease of use is helped by the angled jaw, which is set perpendicularly at almost 15 degrees to the handle. Usually, the wrench is used to loosen any nut or bolt that have become stuck and for doing home repair. At present, some lid openers use the concept of the wrench to allow opening of lids a lot easier.

heavy duty adjustable crescent wrench

How The Crescent Wrench Is Used

To close or open the jaws of the crescent wrench, a thumbwheel that is incorporated into the tool is rotated. This allows the user to customize the fit of the wrench to a nut, bolt or other types of fasteners.

Since this kind of adjustable wrench is a standard tool that everybody should have, you should know how to use it properly. There are different lengths and head sizes that are available so you can use the wrench for practically any bolt or nut that have not been stripped. As with other types of hand tools that are being sold these days, the crescent wrench could also have a plastic or rubber coating on the handle to aid in gripping it properly.

Advantages Of Having A Crescent Wrench

  • Because it is adjustable, you do not have to buy an entire set of metric and standard wrenches if you have a crescent wrench set around the house.
  • A good quality set of different sizes of crescent wrenches can last a lifetime and would be very useful. Take note though that the tool can also be potentially damaging.
  • If used correctly, this versatile adjustable tool can be used for a lot of situations, and an excellent substitute to having scores of wrenches in your tool box.

stainless steel rapid slide adjustable wrenches

However, if you are going to use the wrench in a situation that needs a more accurate tool like when you tighten an axle bolt, it could be a wicked tool. The tool can slip, damage the bolt head or make your hand hit on something nearby, which could be quite painful.