Copper metal is one of the used metals in the world today. It finds use in various fields ranging from industrial to domestic use. Initially, the metal was used in making coins and later was used in making items for use such as home ornaments. In order to be used, the copper metal is molded into copper sheets of various sizes for ease in use. Copper has certain features that make them unique  and beneficial:

  • It stretches thus can be easily shaped and molded.
  • It is corrosion-resistant
  • It is a good thermal and electrical conductor
  • It has a high melting point thus can be used in high temperature processes

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Copper Alloys

Copper sheets can be mixed with certain metals in order to form alloys, which are stronger than copper and can be used for various applications. Examples of copper alloys include:

  • Beryllium copper – this is made by combining copper metal and beryllium metal. This alloy is mainly used in construction due to its strong mechanical and electrical features. It is the strongest of all copper alloys.
  • Lead coated copper sheets – these sheets are mainly used in the making of gutters. Lead coating helps to improve the corrosion resistance of the copper metal thus making it extra durable.
  • Bronze – it consists of copper combined with tin. This alloy is strong and it is used in making antiques.

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Common Uses

Copper metal sheets are generally versatile and they find use in various areas. Below are the other major uses of copper:

  • Copper is used in the making of cooking equipment and utensils. Most of the cooking utensils found in homes and commercial areas are made of copper. This is because the metal is a good conductor of heat.
  • Thin copper sheets are used to make decorative ceilings for houses. The metals are brushed in order to give it a reflective appearance or darker appearance, which give the ceiling a more stylish appearance.
  • They are also used in making counter tops of kitchens and stove hoods.
  • They are used in making electrical wires that are used in power transmission both commercially and domestically. They are preferred as they are good electrical conductors.
  • In the automobile industry, the metal is used in making automobile components mainly those of the engine due to the metal being a good thermal conductor.
  • It is used to make jewelry. Here, copper metal or its alloy, bronze, is mainly used.
  • Used in making the roofing of small structures due to its corrosion-resistant and durable nature.

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As with most anything, there are disadvantages to copper and these include the following:

  • It is easily scratched
  • Easily loses its color due to heating
  • It is costly

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However, even with the disadvantages, copper metal remains one of the most preferred and used metal due to its unique properties.