Using canvas prints for home décor was once a costly endeavor. Recent advances in printing and digital photography have made it easy to find cheap canvas prints through a variety of providers. These prints are a great way to enjoy classic art, personal photos or cherished memories throughout your home or office. With a variety of shapes, sizes, finishes and designs from which to choose, picking the perfect cheap canvas photo prints could not be simpler.

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The concept of producing canvas prints cheap is simple. You choose your favorite pictures or digital images, choose a size and finish and place your order. The printing company takes care of stretching or rolling the canvas, applying the image and shipping the finished product. Sizes start from as small as 8-inches by 8-inches and extend up to massive poster prints exceeding 100-inches.

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Common Uses For Cheap Canvas Prints From Photos

  • Personalizing a room
  • Decorating
  • Showing photographs
  • Printing digital art
  • Creating memorial items

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Useful Tips

When it comes to choosing the best cheap canvas prints for your needs, there are a number of options to consider. If you are unsure of the best way to enjoy your cheap canvas prints, these tips should help you get started:

  • Choosing A Size

When choosing a size, it is best to consider where you plan to place your cheap canvas prints. Portrait style prints are ideal for taller rooms or entryways while landscape style prints are ideal for long walls or large rooms. If you wish to enjoy a landscape style design, separating your cheap canvas photo prints into three or more panels can create a unique look that takes advantage of the characteristics of both orientations.

  • Choosing A Finish

In most cases, a matte finish is ideal due to the existing texture of a canvas print. This makes the print appear more authentic as well as adding additional resistance to fingerprints and dust. Authentic paint finishes add an additional level of realism at a higher price. Gloss finishes are best used on fine grain canvases as the shine created on larger grain canvases can make the image hard to view depending on the lighting

  • Framing

Choosing whether you use a frame is largely a matter of personal preference. Most stretched canvas prints can be mounted easily without a frame for a crisp, modern appearance. Rolled canvas will often require mounting and framing for the best possible appearance. When choosing a frame, consider the surrounding décor and the tone and colors of the cheap canvas prints. Lighter prints should use lighter woods or dark finished metals, while darker prints will often benefit from darker woods or contrasting metal frames.

  • Mounting

Always check with the provider of your cheap canvas prints for optimal mounting instructions. If you fail to follow recommended instructions, any guarantee to the finish or quality of the cheap canvas prints might be voided. In most cases, a simple hook and wire mount will suffice. For precision mounting, corner posts and mounts can help to increase stability and allow complex arrangements.

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These tips should help you maximize the appeal of your cheap canvas prints.