Buying makeup can be a daunting task. Makeup departments and aisles tend to have every product you could imagine, in 15 different brands. When entering the makeup department, it is important to take a few things into consideration so that you don’t wind up wasting your money on useless products that you will never use or need. It is important to prioritize your makeup selection. What products do you absolutely need in order to achieve the desired result? Here are some useful tips when buying make up to guide you.

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Useful Tips

  • If you have oily skin, blemishes or scarring – it is a good idea to look at base powder, concealer, and foundation. Take note of your skin tone, as buying even the most expensive products will not be beneficial if it does not blend well with your natural skin color.
  • For people with lighter eyelashes, eyeliner and mascara can make the eyes really stand out. It is important to choose the type of mascara that fits you best. If you have light eyelashes, but they are really thick, volumizing mascara is not necessary. Just choose a brand you trust, in a color you prefer.
  • For eyeliners, be sure to pick the right type. If you do not have steady hands, do not pick liquid eyeliners. It will make the application process harder and probably will only frustrate you. Pick a solid or semi-solid eyeliner pencil in a color that compliments your eye pigment. This is one of the useful tips when buying make up that you should always remember.
  • The new trend in lipstick is a natural hue that is barely there, but provides shine. If you are happy with the natural color of your lips, then just buy a shiny lip gloss. If you prefer some color, choose a lighter shade of pink or nude. This is especially important for beginners because it is easier to apply and mistakes are not as noticeable. A lighter shade also makes other makeup such as eye makeup really pop.
  • When purchasing foundation, it is important to also purchase a base powder and concealer. Base powder helps the foundation “set”, and keeps your face from getting oily or shiny. Concealer smoothens out blemished and scarred areas for that smooth skin texture.

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Cle de Peau Concealer is absolutely the best concealer in the market, but it also comes at a high price. Nordstrom offers it on sale lately for 70 dollars or you can get it cheaper on EBay for 49 dollars. For people who don’t have that much money to spend, they can browse through the local drugstore. The makeup departments in these stores have evolved to carry high quality makeup for people on a budget. Good brands are Revlon and Maybelline which typically ranges from 10-15 dollars for basic concealers. The same goes for other products.

Among the useful tips when buying make up that you shouldn’t forget is to test the products before you actually buy them, especially the high-priced ones. Retailers usually have test items for consumers. Take advantage of using these at all times to have products that you can actually use and be proud of using.