Normally, it is possible for vehicle owners to save a relative amount of money by purchasing wholesale tires especially if they are on a tight budget. Most tire manufacturers permit tire distributors to sell tires in bulk in lesser prices as they purchase tires in large quantities. However, the cost should not be the only concern when buying tires in bulk, especially when they are wholesale used tires.

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Wholesale Tire Purchasing Tips

Here are the helpful tips that a buyer should keep in mind before looking through the wholesale tires for sale.

  • Prior to tire purchase, the tire’s brand and warranty period should be well-considered. Stay away from imitators or counterfeit wholesale tires as these copycats are mostly of lower quality, improperly sized, mismatched with the vehicle’s specifications and worse, come with no warranty at all.
  • Learning the difference between a wholesale tires direct distributor and dealers who sell inexpensive tires is also essential. Usually, fake tires which claim to be the original version of that particular brand are sold at a lower price simply because they are made with substandard quality. In order to detect counterfeit tires, a good thing to do is ask the sales representative to provide a billing or invoice for the wholesale tires. In this manner, you will be able to see the point of origin printed on the invoice and determine whether the tires came from the original brand manufacturer or not.
  • Another wise step to take before purchasing wholesale tires is to look around several merchants and ask your fellow buyers about them. Buying only from reliable tire distributor is a must, as well as inquiring for detailed warranty information from the official brand manufacturer. In this way, a problem can easily be resolved once something goes wrong with the tires.
  • Requesting for a tire inspection from the seller before purchase is also recommended for you to be sure that the wholesale tires are 100% blemish-free and have no cuts or air bubbles inside. By looking for blemishes, you will also determine if the part is already second-hand.
  • Take advantage of the additional promos or offers that the wholesale tires distributor is willing to give. In most cases, they offer free mounting and discounted prices for purchasing multiple tires at once.

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Whether you are looking for Ford tires or tires for other vehicle types, you should be wary on purchasing dubious cheap tires and go for reliable sources instead. Indeed, buying wholesale tires is a clever way to save money.