Almost everybody owns a printer today. Printers have become very important both at homes and at offices. However, a printer is a machine and just like any other machine it can give problems sometimes. There are different problems such as ink leak and paper jam that can disrupt your printing and cause you a lot of frustration. However you don’t have to call a printer repair service each time you see a problem. There are a few printer repair solutions that you can learn and repair your printer yourself without having to waste money on computer printer repair. Here are a few such useful tips for you so that you can choose DIY printer repair instead of the services in order to solve small problems:

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Useful Tips

·        The Paper Jam

This is the most common problem with printers. You may face this problem during printing or when the paper loads. The paper could get caught in any of the parts or it could get entangled in the paper spool. For printer repair of this problem, you should first switch the printer off and remove all the free paper. Now gently displace the print head. You will find a door upon opening where you will find the paper spools. Pull the paper that is jammed by grabbing it on the corner. Even if the paper gets torn while pulling, don’t worry. Just pull it out and use tweezers for the small pieces that are stuck if any.

·        Installation Printer Repair

If you are trying to install the printer in your computer to no avail, you should check the control panel in your computer. Go to the Device Manager and look for Unknown Devices. If you see an Unknown Device, most probably you plugged the cable before installing the software. Remove the device, unplug the cable and then install the software. After the installation, plug the cable right back.

·        Printer Not Responding

 If the printer does not respond when you are trying to print something, the problem may be with your computer. There may be no memory allotted for the printer. Close other programs that are running such as media players and security software and then try again.

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·        Problem With Ink

If there is a problem with the ink, you should check the ink bar and the ink cartridge. Chances are that the cartridge is blocked. Clean it and replace it.

If you can’t figure out what to do, it’d be best to call the repair service such as Canon printer repair to get your problem solved. You can also reach the Canon printer support for any doubts and queries so that your printer repair is done with ease.