The car oil changes right after three to six months, depending on how often you use your car. You can check your user’s manual for the service intervals for you to be so sure about this. Changing of oil is very important to any vehicle because it cleanses the engine’s motor and prevents the engine from getting damage. Oil change is very easy and cheap. However, there are still car owners who are not comfortable doing oil changes. Fortunately, given here below is the step by step process of how to change oil.

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Easy DIY Oil Change Tips

  • Gather all the necessary supplies and equipment.
  • Get all the supplies as well as equipment needed.
  • Before you finally get started, make sure to heat up the cars’ engine a bit.
  • Using the right-sized socket or the so-called wrench, loosen up the plug in the direction of counter clockwise.
  • Please be reminded that there are vehicles that have filter element.
  • Locate the cartridge or the filter element of the car.
  • You need to substitute or replace the drain plug.
  • Screw the new filter that is properly lubricated. Just be careful not to cross the thread.
  • On the fill hole, pour the oil.
  • Lastly, fill the cap. Check the tools then close the car’s hood. Now, you can start the engine but make sure that the oil pressure goes off right after starting up.

Cheap oil changes include DIY oil change or you can take advantage of oil changes coupons over online stores. There are stores online that gives out coupons for their loyal customers. This allows customers to save a lot most especially that oil changes prices drastically change from time to time.

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Signs That You Need to Change Oil

There are three signs in order for someone to recognize if the car needs their routine oil changes. First and foremost, the color of the oil gets blacker. Meaning to say, as the oil gets older it becomes darker in color. Secondly, the cars engine’s light comes on when it’s needed to be replaced. So, if you see that indication, you should make sure to change your oil as soon as possible.  Lastly, if the engine is making weird noises, it also indicates that you need to change the engine’s oil. The noise in your car’s engine is a sign that the oil level is a bit lower than the required level.

Most car owner find it daunting to do the regular oil changes for their vehicle. What they do instead, is to bring them to the nearest depot or garage then have a professional take care of their cars. However for those who are able to do such job, it is a very rewarding feeling once you hear your car back to its normal running condition again.