Elegant candles, decorative candles, scented candles and anything that you hear in line with the best of today’s candles, Lafco candles. Candles have always been a part of people’s life. Once, they were means of light and illumination. Today, candles are a means of relaxation and of course, to create a wonderful ambience for various occasions.

Candles have been around even before the time of the Roman Empire as evidences of their use can be found in places such as Crete and Egypt. Its etymology came from its old Latin roots that means light, hence its popular use. Candles were not as popular as lamps in the olden days though as its early version, wicks needed to be dipped constantly into melted wax. A semblance of what we have today only started in the 1400s where candles were molded.

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You just have to wonder why the existence of candles continues up to this day. It was not as efficient as the lamp and with today’s lighting technology, candles are obsolete. But with so many manufacturers and distributors like Lafco Candles producing great candles, you can see candle usage is still quite popular.

This phenomenon is due to the fact that candles are great ambience enhancers. They are rampantly used for enhancing the effect of a beautiful surrounding and can really set everything in varying moods, depending on the candle’s aroma. Quality candles, such as the Lafco Candles, can truly provide a very relaxing mood. And with a room, a bathroom, filled with such scented candles, you can have a wonderful aromatherapy that will surely ease out the stress of the day.

The People behind Lafco Candles

Lafco Candles collections such as the House and Home are popular for their distinct and luxurious fragrance. But oddly enough, Lafco is not just a candle company. It is a luxury article as well as a fragrance company founded by Jon Bresler who used to be a litigation lawyer.

Bresler envisioned a company that provides traditional European luxury products and fragrances. By 1993, he risked it all to fulfill this dream and you could say that the rest is history. However, it was not candles that started this company. Bresler’s first products are milled soaps popular in Claus Porto, Portugal. These soaps became the foundation of his Lafco candles and up to this date are still patronized and well-loved by Bresler’s clients.

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It was Bresler’s interest in Portuguese produced soap that Lafco Candles were born and soon became consumers’ favored luxury candles. This is because Lafco Candles can truly inspire one’s senses and set a remarkable mood from the scents they can produce. But the fact that the candles can last over 90 hours of non-stop burning made these candles a well-respected product in the market.

The Lafco Candles Collections

Bresler’s Lafco NY has brought such wonderful luxurious candle collections for its 17 years in the industry. Lafco candles are seen as pure elegance and each of its collection have exceeded the market’s expectations. Here are its popular collections:

House and Home Collection

This Lafco candles collection is popular for its distinct scent designed to enhance the ambience of each room of the house. These Lafco candles come with reusable glass vessels that are delicately hand-blown that makes the candles appealing.  Some of the Lafco candles under this collection are the following:

  • Master Bedroom – These Lafco candles produce an aromatic fragrance likened to freshly washed linens with the scent of chamomile blossoms popular for their healing scent. Along with such wonderful smell is the scent of lavender buds that incite a deep slumber into the night.
  • Living room – This can inspire a welcoming mood from its uplifting scent of fresh gardenia and sweet olive combination.
  • Kitchen – Oozing with lively fragrance complementing with kitchen aromas such as baked cookies and cassoulet.
  • Bathroom – If you care to admit, the bathroom can be a place perfect for reminiscing. This made the scent of marine coupled with cucumber a perfect fragrance provided by the bathroom Lafco candles. It is soothing and makes the shower experience a hundred fold refreshing.

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Dream Homes

This collection is all about elegance. With its stylish containers that are delicately hand-blown to its decorative packaging, you can see that this collection is all about luxury and style, a perfect present for a housewarming. Some of the Lafco candles under this collection are:

  • Beach house – As from its name, the scent coming from these Lafco candles inspires a walk along the beach for a relaxing, if not romantic, interlude. It is a perfect mixture of cyclamen, wild grasses and blue lotus.
  • Ski house – This is a popular choice perfect for a cold snowy adventure. Its crisp mountain scent and cedar log will stir up your imagination of a warm cuddle in a cold winter night.
  • Penthouse champagne – A bubbly scent of raspberry, citrus and ginger that is perfect for a stylish celebration in a very modern lifestyle.

Little Luxuries

These little luxuries are new but already a hit. Each has their own scents that are very popular. The candles are placed in a double lid container. These are little Lafco candles that can burn up to 30 hours.

Holiday Collection

These are fun Lafco candles that exude that holiday spirit. Each lafco candle type is placed in a holiday gift boxes like the Clause box. Fragrances in this collection are berry aroma, kitchen aroma, tree scents and a lot more.

finest lafco sea and dune beach house candle

Lafco Avenue Candles

This collection is noted for its road or street names. This is because the candles were made through an inspiration made from Lafco’s travels. These candles have hand-blown vessels like the House and Home Collection. The difference is that the vessels have trims in platinum or gold. Some of the candles from this collection are:

  • Cantone Road – Exudes the sweet blend of its apricot, white tea and lychee scent with just the right hint of the fruity fragrance of grapefruit.
  • Roberston Blvd. – The scents of lemon and thyme combine for an uplifting interlude.
  • Via Condotti – Exudes the calming effect of white teak, patchouli and incense.
  • Ginza – A very exotic feminine scent produced from the mixture of peony and cherry blossom that is perfect for a romantic and passionate night.

 Yes, it can be pricey to buy Lafco candles starting with $40 to $50 apiece. But you can always watch out for Lafco candles sale as a year won’t pass without one. You can sure to have discounts if you purchase Lafco candles wholesale. This will give you ample stocks of Lafco candles for your aromatherapy session at home. You can never go wrong having a romantic and relaxing evening with Lafco candles around to spice up a wonderful night.