Flower Arrangement is a great art. Only an innovative and creative mind can offer beautiful bouquets and other flower arrangement that add a different meaning to the place where it is kept. Most people love to decorate their homes and offices with flowers to add a touch of natural beauty and personal touch. But one has to be really creative if the arrangements are to be unique.

There are certain basic principles of arranging flowers that need attention and they are namely the theories of balance, proportion, contrast and harmony. Flowers are a unique creation of the Almighty. There is so much variation in colors, sizes and fragrances that each one expresses a different meaning. The techniques of flower arrangement too have changed in recent times.

Materials Used for Arranging Flowers

pretty flower arrangement

Besides the simple bouquets of different shapes and sizes made of various colorful flowers, all kinds of foliage, vegetables and herbs are being combined with the floral materials. To keep the flowers fresh for longer hours, they are properly selected and conditioned to get the desired effects.

Books are available that offer guidance regarding flower arrangement, floristry, bouquets, creative arrangements and centerpieces. Flower decorations vary according to the occasions also like floral arrangements for wedding, birthday, meeting, fun-party, Christmas and the like. Every flower has a positive meaning and their colors are symbols of various seasons, moods and expressions. Choosing the appropriate flowers for every occasion is a talent of the arranger.

Arranging Flowers According to their Specific Meanings

In most flower arrangement, stress is laid on the occasion or the theme and the flowers are selected accordingly with their availability. Tulips are among the prettiest and most popular flowers that one can get and are found in colors of red, purple, pink, yellow, green and white. White is a symbol of innocence and purity and also forgiveness whereas purple tulips stand for royalty, yellow for radiance, cheerfulness and the red tulips like red roses portray eternal love. Lilies are also available in various colors and are arranged in such a way so that every person is charmed by the beauty not only of the flowers but the exotic ambience that it creates.

the popular flowers for the garden

Pink stargazer Lilies signify romance, Anemone symbolizes expectation and are used for weddings during springtime. The other varieties of popular flowers that are used in flower arrangements are Acacia, Amaranth, Bird of Paradise, Chrysanthemums, Daffodils, Daisy, Carnation, Aster, Almond Blossoms, Gardenia, Camellia, Freesia and others.

Arranging Flowers According to Occasion

Every season has its specific flowers blooming everywhere. It is a wonderful idea to make flower arrangement according to one’s birthday month. Moreover when flower arrangements are done with the heart and soul, they convey the inner meanings of the person. Presenting a beautiful bouquet of popular flowers on occasions like birthday and Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day helps to express one’s true feelings and love that cannot be expressed in words. Flowers are given even to convey thanks or to apologize. A few flowers arranged in an innovative shape bring happiness to one lying in bed. Flower arrangements are a way of expressing oneself without words.

There are many online florists who offer home delivery of flowers. According to the choices of flowers and designs of the buyer, they make fantastic flower arrangement and deliver it to the recipients’ doorsteps.