You might think you’ve heard all types of eyewear there is from contact lenses to light glasses, but not Cocoon sunglasses. This is because these sunglasses are far more than just an eyewear. It is an eyewear’s wear. To understand what it can do for you, you need to first know what it is, what makes it so special and how it can add to your sense of fashion.

What Are Cocoon Sunglasses?

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Cocoon sunglasses are sunglasses worn over the prescribed eyeglasses. These sunglasses have polarized lenses that prevent glaring light bounced back by water, ice or snow. The lenses will deflect the glare but allow the light through. Polarized lens comes in tints of amber, copper, blue mirror, gray and yellow. The lenses are also scratch resistant.

Cocoons have six sizes available in the market. It is made to fit over prescription eyeglasses frames with frame color choices of black, sand, ivy, burgundy, slate and tortoiseshell. The frames are made using ballistic nylon. This feels so soft making the Cocoon sunglasses very comfortable to wear especially with its Flex2Fit temples. Flex2Fit temples are made to adjust with the ear pieces curvature and shape easily.

Cocoon sunglasses can also come with UV protection all over its angles. This means that your eyes are protected from sun rays at the front, sides, bottom and top. Cocoons can be availed anywhere in the world through its Cocoon sunglasses dealers. If you can’t find Cocoon dealers in your area, you can always order them online.

Features Of Cocoon Sunglasses

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Cocoon sunglasses can reduce eye stress. Using Cocoon will eliminate rays that glare prescription glasses cannot block; which in turn, lessen the stress the eyes have to go through from glares.

  •  Cocoon allows you to wear your prescription eyeglasses while protecting you from the sun. With this feature, you can both enjoy clear eyesight and sunglasses trendy look.
  •  Cocoon can provide you total UV and glare protection. There are sunglasses that cannot protect your eyes from the sun or glare totally. It takes polarized lenses to deflect glares. There are other polarized sunglasses out there but these glasses cannot be worn with the needed prescription eyeglass.
  • Cocoons can protect not only your eyes from glares and UV rays it can also protect your eyeglasses underneath it. It has a shatter-proof feature that can protect your regular eyewear from harm. This is made this way as Cocoons are specifically designed for people who love the outdoors and extra-curricular activities but need to wear prescription glasses. This way, they can still enjoy their outdoor activities while in prescription eyeglasses.
  • Some Cocoon sunglasses models can also be worn as plain sunglasses. This made Cocoon a very flexible eyewear.

Fashion Tips

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Cocoon sunglasses are famous for its function as an eyewear worn over prescription glasses. With this capability, you can actually enjoy Cocoon is so many ways fashionably. Here are some ways how.

  • Sunglasses are cool where eyeglasses are not in the outdoors. No matter how eyeglasses are designed, they can’t achieve making you look chic dressed in trendy clothes or outdoorsy clothes. Wearing Cocoon over your eyeglass will not only make you look good, it will make you look you belong under the sun while enjoying your clear eyesight.
  • If you are under the sun often or spending time at the beach, sunglasses are in. But water glares and sun rays are hard to keep at bay, even with sunglasses. You can actually avail of Cocoon clip on sunglasses. This Cocoon also has polarized lenses, total UV eye protection and scratch resistant lenses but is very lightweight that you can easily clip it on your existing sunglasses. And it so happen that these come in different shapes and colors so you can play around these as well.

Best Brands Of Sunglasses Over Eyewear


Reading Cocoon sunglasses review will show you top brands of sunglasses over eyewear. Aside from Cocoon OverRX, EyeArmore, Fitover Sunglasses; Nautica and Vistana are among the top brands with Cocoon sunglasses functions and features, especially the Flex2Fit temples. These brands have frame venting, stylish designs, safety straps and lenses, non-slip pads and protection over the sun rays. However, only Cocoon sunglasses can provide complete UV protection.